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Studying while earning money through 15 online jobs has always been an idea I’ve emphasized. In addition, the picture appears to be more suitable for students who are dependent upon money to support them. It’s equally essential for learners who come from wealthy backgrounds. One such benefit of real-life experience is that it provides the maturity and precision needed to perform a job well. Furthermore, encountering pitfalls is the only way to develop persistent attitudes vital to remain positive despite all odds. These are the best online jobs for students to earn money, whether you seek to improve your skills or fund your studies.

No matter how much or how little you work, you’re free to do so. By the end of the course, you’ll have gained a few new skills to boost your resume, and you can set your schedule according to how much you want to increase your earnings. It is also possible to turn side gigs into full-time freelance work by cobbling together various gigs.

You can earn money on the side in many different ways, and you can even work from home. You can choose from traditional positions such as pet sitting or childcare to new types of flexible work, such as driving for Uber or selling online.

Here are the 15 online jobs which will help you earn extra money easily.

When you need a bit of extra income, here are 15 side gigs you might want to consider. Job opportunities are easy to come by, and hiring them does not require additional education or training. Work hours are flexible, too.

As a Freelance Writer

You can easily find freelance writing jobs as students, whether you are aspiring writers or enjoy writing. Content writers are in high demand due to a dramatic increase in internet journalism. With just a little bit of insight, you can earn a lot of money from home if you can share your thoughts. You can choose your favorite topics to write about based on your interest, whether tech, fashion, business, or entertainment. Additionally, you will be able to select the degree of work you want to do. You may want to check out Upwork and iWriter if you are ready to take the plunge into writing.

Students can find online jobs for freelancing through content creation, especially in India. Tools are not necessary for an employment position that pays well. You only need your keyboard and an internet connection. Freelancing sites offer writing jobs, including blog posts and website copy.

Giving Tuition Online

Today, online tutoring is extremely popular among Indian students due to advancements in technology. People prefer to learn from home because it is convenient. Online tutoring can help students to study in a comfortable and safe environment. These days it is becoming more popular and easier for teachers and tutors alike.

Their knowledge and good internet access are what they need. Earning money online has never been easier. Having this job has many benefits—the ability to fit their schedules around their expertise and the benefit of flexible work schedules. You can earn approximately 200 rupees per hour as a beginner, increasing to 500 rupees as you gain experience.

Even while working, students need to enhance their skills. If you want to improve your skills and share your experiences with others, there’s nothing better than online tutoring. In addition, doing it will help you learn new skills. In addition, your time commitment won’t be impossible. Chegg Tutors and Skooli are two reputable sites that advertise tutoring jobs.

Additionally, the company pays handsomely. Through this job, students can earn money through online work. If you take the online route, you can make money without sacrificing your studies.

Job of Translation

Translation positions represent a more attractive option for students who are multilingual and are fairly adept at speaking multiple languages. The sheer number of people interested in foreign languages, plus the need to cater to a vast audience coming from different parts of the world, make there always a high demand for good translators. With well-known sites such as Translatorscafe and Gengo, you can take on various tasks, such as translating a document for a blog, proofreading a book, interpreting different languages, or adding subtitles to a movie.

Resume Writer

It takes an art to write a resume. You shouldn’t skip this niche sector if you think that you can excel in it. As a writer, Writing Strength can help you improve your writing abilities and boost your proofreading skills. One of the best things about it is that it is a skill that is relatively easy to learn. Depending on how many hours you work, you can earn $15 to $25 an hour. WriterBay and ResumeEdge are highly rated by resume writers if you wish to get started.

Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Optimization

Are we still in need of an explanation of why search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing have become so influential? If you’re not familiar with these terms, let me tell you that they have become the most potent means of giving a website, or a person, more prominence on the web. Are there skills that you need to possess to become an effective SEO/SMM marketer? A lot can be accomplished by communicating well, understanding how people behave on the internet, and marketing effectively. Suppose you’re interested in the social media marketing or SEO specialist jobs. In that case, I recommend checking out Upwork, Appen, and also giving a close look at Facebook groups that offer such positions.

The Voice Over Artist

I can assure you that not everyone’s voice is silken or commanding. You should not let go of a voice-over job slip past you if you think your voice is special. Voice-over jobs include impersonation, narration, dubbing, and even audiobooks, depending on the language you prefer and your accent. Fiverr and are the right options if you are willing to give it a try as not only do they offer exciting opportunities, but they also pay reasonably well – even to the newbies with years of experience.

Job as a Virtual Assistant

In addition, I would like to recommend the job of a virtual assistant to learners. This job offers a lot of flexibility, which I appreciate. Therefore, even if your schedule is already crammed with assignments and projects, chances are it can easily fit into your schedule. He once, you can take care of your job while attending to your studies as well. You can perform various virtual assistant tasks at your paces, such as handling emails, meetings, travel schedules, and content moderation. Amazon Mechanical Turk and ClickWorker are good places to find virtual assistant jobs.

Virtual assistant jobs are great for students who are good communicators and organizers. It is your choice where to go, what to wear, what to charge. Yes, you can wear your pajamas and still be as productive as those in suits. Virtual assistant jobs are all quite different from one another, of course. Data entry, social media management, research, transcription, organizing, etc., are some general components to expect.

Depending on the rendered services, hours completed, tasks, etc., different payment scales may apply

Data Entry

Data entry jobs do make the perfect option for those who desire the flexibility of working from home, internships, and part-time jobs. You should have excellent keyboarding skills, be meticulous, and be able to work under strict deadlines. In general, students in India can find simple online jobs in India.

An email or an online link is sent with instructions on how to access the data source. The job offers you flexibility in your schedule, flexible working hours, a low-stress environment, and your numerical and literacy skills will be of use. As a result, you can accept jobs from companies around the world.

Because data entry jobs are pretty easy to do, they are very popular and in high demand. In addition, there are always a lot of them available. So, if you have good typing skills, you can get a data entry job without putting in much effort. But beware of scammers who charge upfront as they may run away with your money. Fortunately, there are some trusted sites like Clickworker and Freelancer that offer genuine data entry 15 online jobs. Give them a try if you want to get started with data entry on the right note.

Tech Support and Customer Services

Customers’ service and tech support jobs can be done without disrupting a student’s study schedule. It is becoming more common for companies to hire candidates who work from their homes, which is great for people who like to be flexible. Though you will need some technical knowledge and good communication skills to do such jobs, it is important to keep that in mind. To effectively communicate with your clients, you need a quiet and peaceful working environment. Visit FresherWorld and LiveOps for customer service and tech support 15 online jobs.

Animation and Video Services

Video-on-demand and animation jobs are in high demand nowadays, thanks to the popularity of video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Your skills will be in demand if you have the ability to make stunning videos, add animation, or know how to work with top-notch video-editing packages like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. These are the 15 online jobs-perfect platforms for this: PeoplePerHour and ProductionHub.

Website Testing

There are many jobs available online for website testers, despite what you may think. The owners of websites need to know how their site performs under specific circumstances. Their websites can be improved using it not only to identify problems but also to enhance their general performance. We strongly recommend you own a webcam and microphone ($10-$20/batch) if you want to test websites online for jobs. These jobs can be found on UserTesting and YouEye, which are notable sites.

Several web admins and owners of apps hire people to test their sites for usability to ensure that their visitors do not get lost. Testing for these websites is often paid for by their owners. Depending on how long and complex a test is, payment scales will apply. Depending on your experience, you can expect to earn between Rs 1000 and Rs 3000.

The best part of website testing jobs is that you don’t need experience very much to become a website tester. Even by the poolside, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Students will benefit immensely from this type of online work since it will only enhance their analytical and technical skills, leading to their careers. As well as learning how to use a test management tool, you will gain practical experience.

Website Designer of WordPress

You shouldn’t have a hard time getting an online job that requires developing a modern-looking site if you know how to design WordPress websites. The best way to achieve good fortune is to master your craft. For developing exemplary websites, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, Jquery, and Bootstrap are necessary. A large repository of plug-ins and its flexible nature accounts for its popularity. The best platforms to explore the opportunities would be UpWork and WP Hired.

By selling your art or photos

Lastly, if you are good at photography or can create amazing arts, you can sell your creativity online for extra cash. Right, you heard me correctly. Photographers and artists are in plentiful supply, but the demand for creative projects that break the mold is incredibly high. Therefore, whether you seek a breakthrough or exposure to hone your skill, websites such as DeviantArt and SmugMug (for photos) can be of great assistance.

Presentation designer

Is designing presentations something you would be interested in? If you enjoy creating presentations using popular apps like PowerPoint and Keynote, this is the course for you. Currently, many companies are looking for people who can craft excellent presentations that present ideas most appropriately and inspire their audiences. These designers are also paid handsomely by these companies. Would you like to get a job like that? PeoplePerHour and Freelancer are excellent choices.

Online Surveys

An online survey is another job that many students would find comfortable. Some renowned survey companies require respondents to fill out online surveys to offer them accurate information. These jobs can be rewarding if you like interacting with people and knowing their interests. Two of the most popular sites that offer legit online survey 15 online jobs are Swagbucks and Toluna. As well as paying better than other sites, they also provide reliable service.

Pay Attention before beginning the gig online

To accommodate different interests and skills, I have lined up various jobs that can be done without putting studies on hold. My suggestions also include freelancing websites that offer stable 15 online jobs reasonably to ensure no foul play or scams occur. In any case, I would caution you to move carefully and accept every offer with an open mind. Beware of “too good to be true” offers, as they may be a part of massive scams.

In terms of earning money at your job, your skill-set and the work you do all play a part. For example, you can expect to earn $20 (per hour) for online tutoring, and for a 500-word article, you can expect to get $50-80. You can figure out how much you can earn by looking at the conditions, as well as the 15 online jobs and pay that these websites offer. You should clear out everything beforehand if they do not mention it upfront. That being said, it’s time to take a look at the best online jobs for students to earn extra money!


There you have it! So these are some of the best ways for students to earn money while studying. Furthermore, while they are doing these jobs, they will also be able to improve their skill. In addition, what is your favorite job and why? Let us know what you think and what job websites you like in the comments.

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