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Are you stuck at home because of the pandemic? Are you unable to meet your friends and family? Want a way to connect with them?  If yes, then this article has the solution for you. Try some of these best apps to watch YouTube videos together with friends.

Even if you are away from your friends and family there are a lot of free movie streaming sites that you can stream. Best of all find the 5 best apps to watch YouTube videos together from multiple locations for free.

Best apps to watch YouTube videos together

1. YouTube Party

For this, all you need is a web browser to enjoy YouTube videos with friends and family. This Chrome extension synchronizes your YouTube video playbacks with your friends. Create a YouTube watch party and enjoy any YouTube video together. As you watch, you can chat and communicate about your favorite moments! To use the extension:

1) Download the extension on the Chrome Web Store!

2) When you create the watch party, go to a YouTube video and the extension icon will light up. 

3) Click on the icon to create the party. 

4) Copy the Party link. Send it to your friends and enjoy!

2. Squad

Squad is one of the best apps to watch YouTube videos together. You can open it on the web browser, or download the app available both on iOS and Android devices for free.

It syncs the streaming video and enables both video calls and text chat.

Users don’t even have to sign up to use Squad.

1) Just create a room with a unique name

2) Copy the link

3) Send it to your friends to watch fun YouTube videos together

3. Co-Train Space 

Like many others, if staying at home has inspired you to get fit, working out with friends online is way more fun! Co-Train Space allows you to work out at home with a YouTube coach, and your friends can join in too. This app also enables video call and text chats for better communication. The main video plays on the left, while your video chat is in a small bar on the right.

If you’re the host:

  1. Pick out a workout from Co-Train Space’s many categories.
  2. Create a room.
  3. Send the link to your friends and exercise in sync!

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4. TwoSeven

This extension not only allows friends to watch YouTube videos together but supports many streaming sites such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc. You and your friends need to sign up and create a free account to access its facilities. The app allows webcams and microphones as well as a chat area. 

5. Rabbit

Rabbit allows you and your friends to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other online movies together. You can also play games together!

Users can share their browsers, making the streaming possibilities endless. All that is required is to create a chat room, invite your friends and family and start binge-watching!

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Final Note

Social distancing does not have to be lonely. It is important to stay connected to your loved ones. Thus no matter where you are, you can watch YouTube videos with friends and family easily. All extensions to watch YouTube together online can be found on the Chrome Web Store.

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