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5 Easy Steps to Buy Roblox Premium-2021 Edition



Buy Roblox Premium

Roblox, one of the most popular and loved games among children. Roblox has its built-in currency, which you all might know is Robux. It has shown rapid growth during the 2010s and it has now been accelerated in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Roblox’s customized features make it more famous among the users. If you haven’t played it till now, this is the time to go and try this game. We here in this article will help you in knowing the Steps to Buy Roblox Premium.

3 Reasons Roblox Stock Could Be a Huge Winner

Before moving towards the steps of buying a Roblox Premium Subscription. It’s important for you to know how much it costs in the real world.

So first, let’s take a look at the pricing of Roblox

Robux Pricing

Generally, to buy or customize anything in the game you have to use Robux. Robux is the currency of the Roblox game which enables you to buy a variety of stuff in the game. 

Roblox offers you 3 premium packages that you can customize according to your needs:-

    1. $4.99/month- The first bundle costs $4.99 per month and gives you the benefit of 450 Robux coins.
    2. $9.99/month- The second bundle costs $9.99 per month and gives you the benefit of 1000 Robux coins.
    3. $19.99/month- The third bundle costs $19.99 per month and gives you the benefit of 2200 Robux coins.

Isn’t sound interesting that Roblox provides you with 3 different packages which you can choose according to your suitability and needs.

Now after knowing the pricing of Roblox Premium. Let us take a dive into the steps of buying Roblox Premium Subscription

How to buy Roblox Premium Subscription in simple steps?

To enjoy the game at its fullest buy the Roblox Premium Subscription. Here are 5 easy steps to purchase Roblox Premium Subscription. Follow these steps to enjoy a premium subscription in Roblox:-

  1. Login Credentials- The first step is to open the Roblox game on your PC using your login credentials and then enter them into the game.
  2. Check Out the List- Now that you have entered into the game, head over to the Roblox shop and then check out the list of available plans.
  3. Select the Plan- Once you check out the list of the three available plans, select the one which suits you the most and is affordable.
  4. Payment to Gateway- After selecting the plan, click on the banner button and you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  5. Purchase Subscription Plan- At last, use the desired mode of payment and complete the purchase of the Roblox monthly subscription plan.

Many of you have the question regarding the benefits of Roblox Premium. Now that you know how to buy the Roblox Premium Subscription. Without further delay let’s check out the benefits of buying a Roblox Premium Subscription.

What are the benefits of Roblox Premium?

  • You get the added benefit of 10% more Robux coins.
  • Can add up to 200 members to a server using Roblox Premium Subscription.
  • Can resell the items and get more Robux by selling your creations.
  • Trading items with other Premium members is another benefit which gets after buying the Roblox Premium Subscription.
  • Bonus accessories are provided to you free of cost, depending upon your monthly plan.
  • Roblox Premium provides you the feature to sell all your in-game wardrobe or everything else that you own.

In the coming section, I will let you know about the frequently asked questions and going to clear all your doubts regarding the Roblox Premium Subscription. So, let’s make your vision more clear towards the Roblox Premium Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A.Is Roblox Premium worth it?

One of your most favorite questions to which my answer is ‘YES’. Roblox Premium is totally worth it because the customized features provided to you are more than the cost of the subscription. Some of the main features are like providing you the bonus accessories, reselling of items, and many more.

B.Does Roblox Premium expire?

Roblox provides you a monthly subscription in 3 different plans which you can choose according to your preference and need. It expires after every one month and you need to renew it after every month.

C.Is there any way to get a Roblox Premium free trial?

Roblox premium is a membership that provides you various features in game-like access to trade and sells your items. There is a ‘NO’ way to get Roblox Premium free trial. To enjoy the benefits of  Roblox Premium you need to buy the monthly plan for the subscription.

D.How to cancel your Roblox Premium?

To cancel your Roblox Premium Subscription all you need to do is-

  1. Open your Google Play Store with your Roblox email ID.
  2. Open the menu tab and tap on the Subscription tab.
  3. Now select Roblox video game from the list displayed after tapping on the subscription tab.
  4. Cancel your active subscription plan.


    Coming to the end of this article, I want to discuss some very important points which you should know before buying Roblox Premium Subscription. While purchasing the Roblox Premium Membership, turn off your recurring payments. If you enable monthly membership fees, it will be kept on deducting from your linked payment method. That’s all for this article. If you find anything in this article missing or face any query regarding Roblox Premium Subscription let me know in the Comment Section.

    Thank You!

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