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Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce app allows you to buy and sell a variety of goods and services. It focuses on cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon has become the most valuable e-commerce app in the world. Books, electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, groceries, and many more are the goods and services with which amazon deals. But what’s more fascinating is the Amazon Review game.

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As of now, you can also be a seller on Amazon. So, you can use the reviews you received while selling your product on Amazon to the place you want to or can send it to report your review to the review coordinator.

There are lots of frequently asked questions related to this feature, some of them are-

How to get a review link from the amazon app?

 Does Amazon provide a product review direct link?

 Amazon review link in the app?

 How to copy the amazon review link from the app?

 Can we share amazon review links from the app? If yes then how?

 How to find an Amazon review permalink?

Although these questions are similar to each other, still you need to know the process step-by-step to get a better understanding. So, here are 2 methods following which you can find your Amazon Review URL to turn it in for reviews and can share it where you want. 

Under both methods, there are 5 easy steps that will help you out to get the Amazon review permalink or review link.

So, without any further delay let’s get started.

New Method: Amazon Review 

Step1:The first step is to sign in to your existing Amazon Account. If you don’t have an existing Amazon Account, then create a  New Amazon Account and go to “Your Account”> “Account”.

Step2: Once you are in the sub-option “Account” under “Your Account”, tap on the option “Ordering and shopping preferences” > “Your Amazon Profile”

Step3: Now go to the “Community Activity”, select “View All Activity” from the drop-down box and choose “Reviews”.

Step4: As now you are in the review section, find the review you want. Then click on the “See full review” link present at the bottom of the review excerpt.

Step5: At last copy the URL from the top of the page. After copying the link you need to send it to report your review to the review coordinator.

Old Method: Amazon Review 

Step1: First Sign in to your existing Amazon account and then go to “Your Account”> “Account”

Step2: Now go to the “Personalization” tab and select “Your Public Profile”

Step3: After selecting your public profile, go under your profile picture and tap on the Reviews tab present under the Activities option.

Step4: Then find the product you need the link for and tap on the “Permalink”.

Step5: At last all you need to do is copy the link for the review and paste the highlighted address where you need it to go. That’s the link you need to send in to report your review to the review coordinator.

Final Note –

Amazon is one of the largest online communities when it comes to shopping. The online retail store of Amazon is the largest with an effective customer base and high sales generation. The consistent customers post reviews about the products and also ask their queries, and also rate products. Since Amazon has a large number of customers you may think your voice doesn’t matter, but it does matter. Amazon’s this feature that lets you know about the reviews on your products is really helpful. It can help you grow more on the site and can also target more and more customers. With the help of this feature, you can use the reviews you received while selling your product on Amazon to the place you want to or can send it to report your review to the review coordinator. Pretty Interesting! Hope you find this article useful. Share your experience about the two methods in the comment section and tell us which of the above methods you liked and is convenient for you. Feel free to share your experience. 

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