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 Free Fire redeem code rewards released for the MAX version as of June 2022

Players need diamonds to buy the most sole items in Free Fire MAX.

Although, there are always hardly any alternatives accessible for non-spending users, namely redeem codes. They are made available usually, and the incentives they come up with include things like bundles, skins, and a number of other items.

There have been many special codes produced by Garena in the proceeding year, each giving away definite rewards.

Top five Free Fire redeem code rewards this month (MAX version)


  • Server: Singapore
  • Rewards: TH Championship T-Shirt

Components of costumes are esteemed in the game, and the TH Championship T-Shirt is a considerable item that gamers could obtain through a redeem code. Garena produced it in April as part of the MCP S3 Grand Finals.

The themed shirt is quite appealing, and the colors used are magnificent. Users can in addition make use of it for generating costume combinations in Free Fire MAX.


  • Server: Singapore
  • Rewards: Dashing Illusion Pin

Earlier in March, BTS collaboration content begin to drop into Free Fire MAX, bringing themed items on the divergent members of the famous boy band. In April, a redeem code was also made accessible, giving a Legendary Dashing Illusion Pin as a reward.

The pin come out on the profile of players, and they were able to provide it by visiting the ‘Vault’ section inside the battle royale.


  • Server: Singapore
  • Rewards: Golden Sledge (surfboard)

A number of users demand skins for various items such as surfboards, loot boxes, and more for free, although many of them cost diamonds within the in-game store. The MCPTFNXZF4TA redeem code was produced in April for the Singapore server, contributing the special Golden Sledge (surfboard) at no cost.

This surfboard skin has an outstanding look all over, and as the name suggests, the color theme is golden.


  • Server: India
  • Rewards: 3x Diamond Royale Vouchers and Spirit Fox: Battle Fox (pet skin)

The Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter was held in January, and Chemin Esports came out victorious. In the course of the tournament’s finals, the developers set live-watching milestones, and the first two were crossed, on the condition of the two items mentioned above.

Upon absolution, gamers could utilize the vouchers in the Diamond Royale and the pet skin on the Spirit Fox pet.

5) J3ZKQ57Z2P2P

  • Server: Europe
  • Rewards: Thunder Electrified Bundle

The J3ZKQ57Z2P2P redeem code was the exceptional one this year since it allowed gamers to obtain the Thunder Electrified Bundle as a prize. Users on the European server were able to use it.

This specific outfit is quite infrequent, and there was a powerful demand for it in the game’s community. Although, there was a catch, i.e., the developers only compensated the costume to the first ten players who redeemed the code.

How to use Free Fire redeem code

1. Look in on the Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire and sign in using the platform connected with the in-game account.

2. Paste the redeem code in the text field onto the screen then tap on the ‘Confirm’ button.

3. After achieving a successful redemption, visit the in-game mail to assert the rewards. The developers will send the items from the respective code within 24 hours.

It is dominant to remember that guest accounts will stop working on the Rewards Redemption Site. If gamers have accounts like these, they will have to tie them.

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