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5G technology- a Boon or a Pressure. Technology is transforming rapidly, and what we see and observe becomes obsolete within hours or days. Our Prime Minister has initiated the arrival of 5G technology. Development is good, so why is it considered excitement instead of just a blessing? Read this article to find out and learn more about this subject.

5G technology is finally here. And officially welcomed by our Honorable Prime Minister. 5G mobile phones were released earlier, but internet service was not available

However, the question arises as to why it is perceived as straining or harmful, and destructive. Previous experience in launching internet services has been witty and wise as many extinction cases have occurred. It wasn’t.

The cause of extinction was the radiation associated with 3G and 4G services. Several bird species died from it.

However, many people believe this is a cover-up by the Delhi government. The high levels of radiation and wiring from the telephone poles prove to be highly lethal to gullible creatures. they are extinct. Describe the sparrow.

Also, many people turn off WiFi and phones at night and do other troublesome things. The reason is to experience good sleep and undisturbed leisure time. Others prefer to keep everything out of their bedrooms.

But there are also many ignorant people who have their phones stuck in their pillows.

Well, 5g is also recognized as venison. We see it as the foundation of future technology. The Metaverse requires fast data and a strong internet connection. Soon, India began towering over India and its divided states.

Coming back to the tension part, many academics and scientists have observed that 5G technology and 5G internet services can cause cancer. Because radiation is powerful and hits people badly.

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