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6 hacks slash action games on mobile (iOS, Android)



Diablo Immortal has announced the release date of the game. The game is going to be released on June 2, 2022. Along with the release the surprise arrival of the game on PC is also scheduled on the same date. While the Diablo will release you all probably want to dive back into a good action game like hack ‘n’ slash on your mobile phone. The game takes you to the dynamic action phases and also provides the advanced customization of the heroes. Here are 6 hacks slash action list of best action games on iOS and Android.

The 6 hacks ‘n’ slash action

The 6 hacks ‘n’ slash action game is going to be on mobile phones both iOS and Android. The wait for Diablo Immortal is still on. 

Raziel: Dungeon Arena

It is considered one of the best games on mobile. It is a hack ‘n’ slash game available for free on iOS and Android. The strength of the game is its content: a whole multiplayer game with more than 60 solo dungeons along with a raid system.

Book of Demons: Tablet Edition

The first impression the game creates is its artistic direction. The Thing Trunk studio has made sure that all the game features are paper-based, whether it is the main character or the gameplay, or the enemies of the game. The main originality of the game is to allow users to decide the length of the game.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest is a popular name in the hack ‘n’ slash. The game was originally released in 2006 on PC. ten years later in its Anniversary Edition the game arrived in a Legendary edition on Android and iOS platforms. The game is priced at 19,99€.


It is a bit like Raziel, Eternium is one of the names that come to mind when talking about hack ‘n’ slash on mobile. Beyond its honorable visuals, the gameplay is a pleasure to the eyes. With the use of a touch screen, you have to draw symbols to spell casts.


The game includes everything ranging from crypts, demons, and a lot of equipment that will help you to customize your hero and many more features to grab your attention. The title on the google store speaks like thousands of combinations of attacks and spells for dozens of hours for enriched gameplay.

Final Note

The above-mentioned games are some of the popular names in the category of hack ‘n’ splash.  You can enjoy them on both iOS and Android platforms. There are more games in this category but these deserve special mention.


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