There’s no way to tell 69 degrees in Apple weather app

69 degrees in Apple

69 Degrees in Apple – If you have an iPhone, the temperature is always a pleasant 70 degrees.
Alternatively, 68 degrees. However, there is a catch since some versions of the built-in iOS weather app – such as iOS 14.6 – refuse to display the internet’s favorite number, even if the actual temperature is 69 degrees, along with some other (less meme-able) numbers.

The temperature outside is 20.5 degrees celsius, but your iPhone’s inbuilt weather app displays Fahrenheit temperatures instead. So you cannot see if the temperature falls below 69 degrees. When you enter 70, the number rounds to 70. There have been reports that the app behaves this way in several iOS versions, including iOS 14.6, so far. Apple has not specified whether it avoids the number 69 intentionally to prevent users from making 69 jokes or whether it isn’t necessary to avoid 69 tricks altogether.

According to Twitter, the actual conversion would be 70 since the values are in Celsius. In response, Marc-Andr√© Dufresne reacted that “if that is the case, then 65, 67, 71, and 74 should not appear” in Verge’s writer.

Why the 69 Degree of Apple Humor spread?

Apple may have intended to reduce 69-related humor, but a bug has been revealed. When using the iOS weather app, 69 degrees in Apple will not display in the hourly forecast or extended forecast. Apple’s source data from and its home screen widgets do not round the data: clicking through to the Weather app itself shows the actual temperature.

The issue (as stated by several people on Twitter) could be caused by Apple being able to source data in Celsius for its iOS Weather app before converting it. In the example above, 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, 21 degrees Celsius breaks down to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the conversion. With temperatures such as 65 degrees (where 18 degrees Celsius equates to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 19 degrees Celsius equates to 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit), the app seems to have similar issues.

While 69-degree weather may be in censor because it violates puritan rules, experts point out that blocklisting is likely due to a software error or a conversion problem.

The app did not display 69-degree weather on iPhones running the latest version of the app. The Verge reported that iPhones running iOS 11.2.1 and iOS 15 revealed 69 degrees accurately. Similarly, Apple’s home page widgets showed 69 degrees when the app also uses as a data source.


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