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Microsoft has always worked in an innovative way right from the beginning of its work ship. Since it came into existence in 1975; it has been leading the world of information technology due to its outperforming resources. However, the recent slowdown in its market capitalization owing to the competitive edge by android; has again been challenged by a new strategic and updated innovation. Even after this setback Microsoft still holds a dominant share in the market; for some products like laptops, desktops, tabs and search engine (Bing) and more. In this world of global slowdown, the demand of the world inclined towards a platforms offering business solutions related to communication, reliable internal chat tools with a video conferencing and much more. In this article, you will learn more about Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams for Windows

Microsoft has recently launched a platform named Microsoft teams, offering all the services to connect over an audio or a video conference not only for business, but also for health care industry, and even helpful for education industry in distant learning programs. The software has been offering a wide range of products to its users, namely Meetings and conferencing, calling, chat and collaboration, device, apps.

Meetings and conference features

  • Online meetings and webinars, this meeting service from Microsoft offers to connect over 1000 people at a time, with the comfort of host control. The simple hosting gives an advantage to connect to customers irrespective of their location.
  • Video conferencing, helps to connect with anyone worldwide, and gives an option to manage and control the meetings with up to 1000 members, and 10000 during webinar broadcasts.
  • Screen sharing, this advanced screen sharing option lets you to share the content, and gives an option to analyze it collectively over the call.
  • Custom backgrounds, one of the biggest changes in the world of video conferencing can be experienced by an option that allows you to choose from the background images during meeting in the Teams software.
  • Virtual events, lets you to connect with your audience in a very simplified way.

Calling Features of Microsoft Teams 

  • Video and voice calling, this service offers you to call from teams, outlook or a mobile device without sharing your personal number, and proves to be secure.
  • VOIP (Voice over internet protocol), offers you to call using your internet connection, rather than using the traditional ones.
  • PBX (Private branch exchange), an internal software system that enables you to transfer or take multiple calls over the same extension.
  • Video calling, offering a video call over gadgets, and lets you to experience sharing real time video and audio.
  • Business phone system, the BPS offers you to connect separate extension to a single one rather than routing each one for your employees.

Chat and collaboration

  • Instant message helps to message one to one, or in a group with an advance feature to tag people in texts to grab attention, an added advantage of voice messaging makes it perfect to communicate.
  • File sharing, helps you to share documents, images with the teams or in person, this secure and reliable platform in dedicated towards maintaining privacy for the shared content.
  • Collaboration makes it easy for you to connect with anyone either inside or outside of your organization. Collaborate and work effectively to achieve goals.

Microsoft Teams devices

Microsoft is offering a range of devices for smooth running of the team software. The devices offered include

  • Headsets,
  • Speaker phones,
  • Web cameras,
  • Desk phone and Team display monitors,
  • Team rooms, with accessories.

Apps and workflows

Teams is offering a wide range of apps from its store for increasing the productivity. The products range from Technology, Developer tool, and apps to automate the processes.

Meeting apps helps you to improve the overall meeting experience; by offering an app helping in making notes at the start of the meeting. It makes it easy to share and many more helpful features.

 How to download Microsoft teams for windows?

  1. Click on DOWNLOAD TEAMS.
  2. Click on SAVE FILE then go to your downloads folder, and double click on the exe file
  3. Now login to your desired field by logging in either personal account or school account.
  4. Follow the user guide for more details

The user base of Microsoft teams has been growing enormously since its launch in 2019; starting with a user base of approximately 12 millions. The customer base has increased almost 12 times in a span of 2 years. At present, there are more than 146 Million people who are actively using the teams for either their business or for person.

Microsoft teams 2.0 for windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft has been working on redesigning its the software to make it compatible for windows 10 and 11 users. The users will be able to use the teams in a separate window, as in the desktop app. This further confines to be more flexible in the usage. Moreover, in the recent tests; it has been believed that the version best works with the devices having a Ram of 4GB. Additionally, the amount of loading time has been reduced and the credit for improving such bug; goes to EDGE background processes and Web-View integration.

One of the striking features of this new version is that, it is possible to resize the window whilst this was missing in the old version. The new version also promises to use less space than the old one, and will help in improving the performance. The Teams will be directly integrated as a part of windows 11.

This recent advancement in the field of technology has been an enormous one; and the teams in future is going to come up with a lot more exciting updates. This sounds to be a promising version for the betterment of not only the communication. But for the purpose of providing one stop business solutions to everyone.

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