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There appears to be a series of Xbox Shoes that Adidas makes in collaboration with Microsoft. At least four Xbox Adidas shoe releases are in plan for this year, according to Complex.

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Adidas’ work-in-progress project to make shoe themes based on Xbox consoles has in the leak. There is one notable exception to the report. Complex’s information does not include a price for any of the leaker shoes mentioned in the news, nor does it specify a release date but rather a window for potential release.

When Addidas Xbox Shoes will Release?

The promotional shoes are in expectation to hit the market in June, so the likelihood is that the first set will be announced or released around E3 2021 when Xbox is in anticipation to participate despite a distinct lack of any other details.

So far, no collaboration between Xbox and Adidas has been officially in the announcement. However, if a June release is on the horizon, it should be coming soon. Their ankle-high shoes seem to have black, white, and neon green colors, along with the Xbox logo prominently positioned on their heels.

Adidas-Xbox shoes are going to be released in a prototype, as in a report by Complex.
Adidas Forum Tech Boosts will be the first Xbox shoes will release in June, and the promotional version will be available for sale.

Adidas Xbox Shoes Coming Soon

In November, Adidas will release two Xbox-themed versions of the Forum Mid. Two more versions of Adidas’ Forum Tech Boost will follow the Forum Mid in October. Other Xbox One is in prediction for 2022, according to the report.

According to a report in the New York Times, Sony plans to launch another pair of themed it. It will be later in May alongside Nike and LA Clippers star Paul George. They will cost $120 and have many PlayStation-themed touches, including blue and white color schemes and PlayStation shapes.

The Complex has obtained a document from Adidas that reveals the brand’s plans for Xbox sneakers. In June, the new Forum Tech Boost shoe will debut as a promotional edition.

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