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After Covid-19, technology will become more important. Khris Gopalakrishnan, the co-founder of Infosys and president of the Infosys Science Foundation, told The Hindu ahead of announcing the winners of the 14th annual Infosys Awards. The Infosys Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievements by contemporary researchers and scientists in various fields.

Science and technology will be more valuable

After COVID, science and technology will be more valuable. Vaccines, the ability to work remotely via the internet, ventilators, the ability to predict the progression of viruses, the ability to understand virus mutations, etc. are all due to advances in science and technology.
Overnight, the IT services industry transitioned to working from home, with minimal impact on the global economy and businesses.
This requires a change in culture and mindset. The Indian industry is now investing in in-house research and development or reusing products that have worked elsewhere.
Research is done with science, but more can be done. Similarly, philanthropy focuses on helping people and causes that currently need support. Research is concerned with finding solutions to future problems.
We must convince people and businesses that we must have the same focus to support research.
It depends on where these organizations are located. Some of these are not in Tier I cities. However, research commercialization has mostly occurred in Tier I cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. These places are magnets for venture capital and people.
Technology and innovation play a key role in developing new solutions to the problems facing the world. Alternative fuels and energy sources, energy-efficient buildings, and improved energy distribution and use are science solutions.
We will have to wait for the announcement of the winners. Each year, we are proud to showcase the scientists and engineers who advance the field by creating new insights and solutions. Each plays a role in the future. You inspire a new generation of students to pursue science.

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