After Latest Update On Android Google app repeatedly crashing ; Here’s how to officially fix

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Google application for Android is slamming on devices from numerous brands and across areas. A few clients are claiming the issue with the application on different platforms such as Twitter. A bug appears to have been acquainted with the Google application after the Latest Update On Android was carried out across brands. The issue with the Google application also leads to the breakdown of Google Assistant and Google Lens for certain clients. Google is yet to recognize the issue and offer a fix.

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Various gatherings on Reddit are also talking about the same issue. Posts recommend that the most recent form of the Google application that is rolling is the underlying reason for the issue. Clients say refreshing the Google application to version appears to have the issue. In any case, the most recent version of the Google application accessible for your device may vary contingent upon the maker.

How To Fix Latest Update On Android officially

Step-1 :Firstly open the Android Settings app

Step-2 :Then visit Apps & notifications

Step-3: There you need to tap “See all apps”

Step-4: Now search and click on Google from the application list (or you can also search for “google” by using the search button on the top right corner.

Step-5: Click on Storage & cache

Step-6 : Click on “Clear storage” or “Manage space”
Step-7: Click on  CLEAR ALL DATA at the end tap on “OK” to confirm.

On June 21 Google application 12.23 was rolled out, after entering beta later than usual last week. It rolls out on Wednesday evening about to the standard Monday/Tuesday period. The beta analyzers didn’t experience these issues prior and are not influenced today.

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The Google application 12.24 beta just came up a couple of days back, and a few clients say refreshing to it’s anything but a fix for the accidents. You can pursue the Google application beta here (or through the Play Store posting) and check for updates to begin downloading. 

That beta course may be the most destructive arrangement as the option is uninstalling the terrible update and returning to the Google application form that initially accompanied your gadget:

Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > [scroll to] Google > overflow menu (in the top-right corner) > Uninstall updates

Final note

Be careful that the above process will require you to set up Google Assistant again on your phone. You need to download episodes in Podcasts that delete due to the process because of the Latest Update On Android. If you choose this path, do not update the Google app until a new version exists otherwise you will face the same problem all over again.

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