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ALT Badges And Image Descriptions:Twitter Release



Recently Twitter launches ALT Badges & Image Descriptions. The Systems that are based on Algorithms or Artificial Intelligence can identify the aspects of a specific image by using Twitter ALT Badges and image descriptions.

Twitter’s blogging network launches 2 new capabilities on April 8, 2022. Nevertheless it will enable users to observe additional information about photographs on the platform. These capabilities, known as ALT badges & visible picture descriptions, are made available to 3% of Twitter users as an experiment some time back. Image description, for the layman, aids algorithmic and Artificial Intelligence solutions in effectively understanding the elements of an image.

Including a caption for any image is crucial for improving its exposure.  While keeping it out of places where it will not require or could cause a dispute. Numerous media organizations including fact-checking groups derive from image captions.

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Guide to adding a description for image on Twitter


Initially create a Twitter image.


Somewhere under the image, users can click on Add description. In the message box, type inside the image’s descriptions.


Users will be limited to 1000 characters when publishing image captions. When you are creating the descriptions, select Save. 


The ALT badge will emerge inside the image’s bottom left side.

Furthermore, with a caption, share the images. Users may be able to see the photograph including an explanation once it will complete. Android users can save text from inside the tweets on Twitter. In a similar story, Twitter’s biggest and most highly awaited features are now available for Android users. Although, the option of capturing text from within tweets has finally been there on the micro-blogging site. Jane Manchun Wong is a well-known application analyst, who discovers the function & uploads a picture on Twitter.

Final Note

However, when the feature will reveal, it will be quite useful for Android users. They are the ones active on the site and usually find themselves required to copy the content of old tweets.


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