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Amazon launches the all new Flagship Fire TV Cube streaming box in India. It allows hands-free Alexa control as well.

The e-commerce company took the Indian marketplace by storm by launching the all new Flagship Fire TV Cube in India. Amazon Fire TV Cube is available at 12,999 on the official amazon website The streaming device was launched just hours after the announcement of the second gen Apple TV 4K.

Amazon fire TV cube (2nd gen) is one of the most high-priced Fire TVs in the streaming device range yet. The company is providing an HDMI cable along with the Fire TV cube for a limited time offer. USA launched the first flagship fire TV cube in 2019.

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Specifications of the Fire TV cube

The Fire TV Cube is power packed with exceptional specifications. The streaming device allows access to amazing features:

  • Hands-free Alexa voice assistance
  • Better connectivity
  • Privacy controls

Amazon Fire TV Cube is a remarkable blend of the Echo smart speakers and The Fire TV Stick. The TV cube allows Ultra-HD streaming on various platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and many more.

The streaming device features eight microphones, a control compatible sound system and A/V receiver. In addition, the TV Cube allows access to 4K Ultra HD content at a speed of 60 frames per second. The Fire TV Cube also supports HDR Formats like HDR10+, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It comes with an Ethernet adapter and an IR Extender Cable for superior connectivity.

The hands-free Alexa virtual assistant responds to voice commands via the microphone on the Alexa Voice Remote. The Fire TV cube comes with a dual-band wi-fi, USB and a hexa-core processor. It has a 16 GB internal storage and a 2GB RAM, making it the most powerful Fire TV streaming device.

Competition and Availability of the Fire TV Cube

As of 21st April, the Fire TV Cube (2nd gen) is available on the official amazon site, Reliance Digital and Croma outlets. The Amazon Fire TV Cube has an add-on advantage over the Apple TV 4K in terms of the price difference. The Apple TV is costs ₹18,999 while the Fire TV Cube range starts at ₹12,999. The TV cube also features hands-free Alexa which is not found in any other streaming devices.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon flagship Fire TV Cube

The completely hands-free command mode makes the Fire TV Cube the best in its range. Amazon Fire TV Cube also comes with a physical remote for a conventional user interface. The hexa-core processor and dual-antenna Wi-Fi enable faster streaming and an unbeatable Ethernet connection. The advanced UI performance and voice controls make it the fastest and the most powerful TV streaming device.

One notable disadvantage is that the Amazon Fire TV Cube box is the most expensive one yet. However, there are many other comparatively affordable streaming devices that offer similar primary features. Another drawback of the device is that the in-built speaker does not let the music or any other audio content play.

Final Note

The all new Amazon flagship Fire TV cube is the most impressive streaming device available in the market. The accessibility and distribution of the Fire TV Cube may vary according to the lockdown norms in India. The additional Alexa feature and union of the Fire TV and Echo speakers make it worth the expensive price.

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