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AMD Ryzen is dominating Amazon’s best-selling CPU chart. The AMD chips are now found on 30% of Steam users’ PCs, Infact other reports show that Intel is losing ground to its rival. Intel’s position in the best-selling CPU chart is deteriorating day by day. But it still has its products at sixth position.

AMD Ryzen dominates Amazon best-selling CPU chart

Is AMD Ryzen better than Intel? AMD has been eroding Intel’s share of the CPU market for years. However, Intel has the advantage of owning its factories. Intel was able to cut many of its top  processors at a time when PC component prices were shooting up. Moreover, it has reduced most of the availability issues caused by global chip shortages. So, one can imagine that the core range is taking up many slots in Amazon’s best-selling CPU. But, AMD is holding seven out of the top eight places in the chart.

News that AMD Ryzen remains more popular on the world’s largest online retail site Amazon might have left Intel wondering- what else it can do to improve. Intel has also reduced few of its 11th-gen Rocket Lake chips, despite arriving last month. This was probably due the mixed reviews of the CPUs received.

 Ryzen 7 3700X is at number one position. The Zen 2 processor, launched in July 2019 with a MSRP of $329. But It is down to $308 on Amazon, though there are only nine left in stock. However, Ryzen 9 5900X is holding second position in the list. The Zen 3 chip, which is available from third-party sellers starting at $800. This is quite high over the $549 MSRP but people are still buying it.

In the top ten, the highest Intel entry is Intel Core i7-10700K at sixth position. One could see a drop in the price from $387 to $319. Chipzilla also has its CPUs in ninth and tenth place which are Core i5-10600K  and Core i5-9600K respectively.

Ryzen vs Intel: is the Ryzen that great or is t overhyped?

Final Note

Intel has just released 11th generation Rocket Lake processors, Intel Core i9-11900K. The problem here is that they have so far failed to set the world alight, it is not much exciting. Intel is not able to make the impact on the people.

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