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Android TV 13 might reduce power consumption for smart TVs



 The Android TV 13 is on its way with some amazing features. Users are expecting many important and required features from the manufacturers. Android 13 is arriving on all sorts of devices that are part of the ecosystem. All the devices that use the Google OS are also expected to receive their share of improvements. Some of the changes in the devices may also reduce energy consumption.

The devices that come under this category are obviously software devices. Your car will not consume less fuel, no matter what changes you make. However, your Television will consume less power with these changes. According to recent reports by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, the Android 13 will help in conservation of energy. Android 13 will include a new feature called “low power standby” mode. This mode will help you to prevent some features of the TV from running in the background.

Android TV 13 reduce power consumption

The device consumes more energy when it performs a lot of functions at one time. Same applies with television, there are a lot of background functions taking place in TV. This mode will work when your television will be on standby mode. Standby mode features a red light at the edge of the TV that is the sign that the TV is on but is on rest mode. Though, it is said that on standby mode causes some internal damages, however, the probability of such occurrence is very less. 

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When the low power standby mode is enabled, some of the features of TV stop working. For instance, wakelocks get disable, and the network access will be blocked. The feature can also be disabled according to your need. When you want to continue to receive notifications and access to the network and internet. While being in standby mode, you can get notifications. But, the electricity use will be high.

The report also highlighted an interesting improvement that users are waiting for. This time the Android TV 13 is anticipated that it will bring expand the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. With the new Android 13 TV, you can set the PiP to less than 1:2.39 or bigger than 2.39:1. Android TV doesn’t support multi-window in general but Android TV may add a “pseudo-split-screen” mode, along with docked and expanded PiP windows.

Final Note

Android TV 13 is coming with some amazing features. Higher Energy consumption is an important concern nowadays. TV’s low standby mode will help you to keep the energy consumption to low. This will save money and climate both.

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