Anonymous Warns Elon Musk Over Cryptocurrency Tweets, Says Tesla CEO Has ‘Destroyed Lives’

Anonymous Warns Elon Musk- Techvivi

Hacker group called Anonymous Warns Elon Musk on Sunday. The group blamed him for destroying the lives of cryptocurrency investors with his tweets. Anonymous slammed him for having “destroyed lives” with his tweets about cryptocurrencies. The group posted a video on Twitter to warn Elon Musk

Anonymous Warns Elon Musk via video

As previously done, in the video a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask appeared on the screen. Moreover, the voice was digitally altered and said, “For the past several years you have enjoyed one of the most reputations of anyone in the billionaire class because you have tapped into the desire that many of us have to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration”. He added, “Recently… people are beginning to see you as another narcissistic rich due who is desperate for attention”.

Elon Musk says he talked to ‘North American Bitcoin miners,’ sending bitcoin price surging

Anonymous warns Elon Musk-Reason 

Elon Musk’s statements can create  fluctuations of prices in the cryptocurrency market. His tweets can get a change in the price of the essentials in the market. Further, Anonymous warns Elon Musk by saying that “Millions of retail investors were really counting on their crypto gains to improve their lives. Of course, they took the risk upon themselves when they invested, and everyone knows to be prepared for volatility in crypto, but your tweets this week show a clear disregard for the average working person”. Anonymous ended the video with a warning note saying that “You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match. We are Anonymous! We are legion. Expect us.”

Elon Musk tweets

Once Elon Musk posted a meme regarding a popular Link in Park song with the line “In the end it doesn’t even matter”. Along with a caption of Bitcoin followed by a heart broken emoji. According to Coin desk, the value of Bitcoin started falling and ran down to a value of 37,660.

Final Note

The Tesla CEO tweeted  “Don’t kill what you hate, Save what you love”. Although the Anonymous Official YouTube account, which was active since 24 January 2012, and has 3.51 million subscribers, still has no published video or any link to it.

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