After Haugen, we have a second Facebook whistleblower who has agreed to testify in U.K. Parliament. Sophie Zhang, a very famous former data scientist at Facebook. She was fired by the company because he revealed some inside information regarding the company. She highlighted the alleged failure of the company to combat election interference in Honduras and various other countries.

Facebook some services are having issues

After hearing about these revelations Facebook spokesperson said that“we fundamentally disagree” with her characterizations.

She will give evidence to British lawmakers on Oct. 18. As a result of these allegations the proposed legislation threatens hefty and expensive fines on tech giants if they fail to take action against illegal or harmful content.

Another Facebook whistleblower is set to testify in UK Parliament

Lawmakers “will question Sophie Zhang about her work as a data scientist for the Facebook Site Integrity fake engagement team, dealing with bot accounts, often operated by government-backed agencies in countries such as Russia,” said Damian Collins, who chairs the committee.

This incident happened after the news of whistleblower Frances Haugen arrived., Haugen was a former Facebook product manager who revealed thousands of internal documents, agreed to give evidence in Parliament.

Last week Haugen was in so much trend due to the whistleblowing incident. Her story hit the headlines last week when she provided testimony in Congress. His allegations were related to internal Facebook studies showing the negative impact of Instagram on teenagers. It also talked about the exemptions of its rules on high profile people. Facebook Frances Haugen Uk Parliament Safety.Facebook Haugen UK Parliament online bill.Facebook Francis UK Parliament bill.Facebook Haugen UK parliament safety bill.Another Facebook whistleblower to testify in UK Parliament.

Facebook whistleblower reveals the identity

The whistleblower very clearly mentioned the company’s policy of “profits before people,” and called U.S. lawmakers to intervene. In response to these allegations, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described these accusations as “just not true.”

Facebook had faced many image crises in the past but this incident marks one of the biggest crises in recent history for the company. This happened at a time when lawmakers across the globe are looking to curb the sheer power and influence of America’s tech giants.

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