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Antitrust dispute between Apple and Epic Games. Apple and Epic Games are back in court after last year’s rulings. Ruled in Apple’s favor nine out of ten times. Epic allegedly accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior and accused the tech giant of monopoly practices. Video game publishers were clearly unhappy with the ruling, as they hoped Apple would allow third-party payments. But it wasn’t a total victory for Apple either. That’s because the company has been ordered to remove an anti-he steering rule. That prohibits developers from informing users about alternatives to Apple’s in-app purchase system.

Both companies are now trying to overturn the ruling in their favor. A lot has happened since the fall began in August 2020. If you’re struggling to keep track, it’s because there’s actually a lot to consider. So, in this article, we’ll take a look back at everything we’ve uncovered so far, and what lies beyond the Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit.

The drama began after Epic introduced another way for iPhone and Android users to purchase “V-Bucks.” This is the in-game currency of a very popular battle royale game called Fortnite. This alternative option allowed players to take advantage of special discounts on some in-game items that otherwise could not have been applied. With this addition, Epic sidestepped Apple’s 30% reduction on purchases from the App Store. Shortly after, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store and suspended Epic’s developer account for violating its in-app payment policy. Google has taken similar steps.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney felt that the 30% commission was exorbitant and that users should be able to shop through other media. He went so far as to sue his Apple and Google, launch a #FreeFortnite campaign, and encourage boycotts of Apple products. Apple has filed a counterclaim against Epic Games.

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