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Apple encounters antitrust law after Google ruling. Shortly after the Competition Commission of India (CCI) sanctioned Google’s anti-competitive behavior over its payment and billing policies on the Play Store. Apple could face antitrust violations over similar policies on the App Store.

Investigative report on the App Store case

An investigative report on the App Store case is likely to be filed soon. And will then be forwarded to plaintiffs and Apple for a response. A final decision from the CCI is expected after hearings on the issue, they added.

Meanwhile, according to multiple sources, the lack of a quorum at CCI will not affect DG’s ongoing investigation into Apple. They added that the CCI will have a new chair and resolve the quorum deficit. Before the investigative report to Apple is due in the next few weeks.

Besides issuing a cease and desist order, CCI recently fined Google £936.44m for abusing its dominant position in relation to the Play Store’s billing policies. In its October 25 decision, CCI instructed Google that app developers should not use third-party billing and payment processing services to purchase apps or make in-app purchases on the Google Play Store. I told you not to limit it.

The NGO Together We Fight Society has filed a similar complaint against Apple. Over the App Store’s payment and billing policies.

When the CCI ordered an investigation into Apple on December 31 last year, the CCI determined that Apple’s App Store was the only way. For app developers to distribute apps to consumers using Apple smart mobile devices.

Accordingly, CCI has ordered an investigation into Apple’s mandatory use of its own in-app purchase (IAP) system for the distribution of paid digital content. Especially when Apple charges its 30% commission on apps and in-app purchases.

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