Put macOS on iPads

Apple recently announced the latest updates to the iPad Pro series. We share the feeling with the people who are asking Apple to Put macOS on iPads.

The global tech company Apple recently presented a long-awaited update for iPad Pro at the Spring Loaded event in the US. The iPad Pro lineup is now going to be powered by Apple’s eight-core M1 processor. However, many Apple fans are unhappy with not having macOS on the iPad.

Although the iPad Pro is quite similar to the past models, it is still a big step forward because of the M1 processor update. The only downside to this update is the lack of macOS apps on the iPad Pro series. Having potential macOS apps on iPad would result in the integration of MacBook and the iPad. It seems like Apple has not prepared for this consolidation yet.

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Why is having macOS on iPad vital?

Despite several updates, the iOS apps are not half as utilitarian as macOS apps. The main difference between iOS and macOS is their framework and user interface. macOS on iPad will serve as an improvised operating system. The features of macOS apps on iPad Pro would be much more advantageous given the touch screen capabilities of the iPad.

Customers are keen to see an amalgamation of the Mac and iPad series. Now that the iPad lineup has significant improvements, it would be a waste not to have macOS on the iPad. Apple’s head of marketing, Greg Joswiak, clarified that the iPad will not get a macOS version and will continue to run on iOS. 

Updates on the iPad Pro

The next-gen iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display. The update is a bonus for photographers because of the utmost dynamic visuals and the Luma Fusion video editor. With the 8-core processor, iPads now possess better connectivity on cellular models. The new iPad models come with 40Gbps bandwidth because of the Thunderbolt and USB4 updates.

The all-new iPad Pro possesses the same eight-core processor hardware like the MacBook Air. However, while the MacBook can run iOS apps, customers are still waiting for potential macOS apps on iPad. 

Potential macOS apps on iPad

With the all-new update, the iPad Pro series now have the potential to run macOS apps. Having macOS apps on iPad Pro would tremendously improve the iPad’s functionality. Several macOS apps should replace their iOS counterparts. For instance, the macOS Final Cut Pro film editing app should replace the Adobe Premiere Pro app.

Apple has added numerous features to make iOS a complete operating system. Nevertheless, to viably utilize the thunderstorm upgrade and iPad Pro’s M1 processor, Apple should allow macOS on iPads.

Final Note

Apple’s updates to the next-generation iPad Pro series have pros as well as cons. The M1 eight-core processor has substantially improved the underlying framework and performance of the iPad. The only drawback is the absence of macOS apps on iPad Pro. Despite the impediments, Apple has made quantum leaps in the advancement of the iPad series.


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