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iOS 16.2 are officially released nowadays and by the looks of it, it is packed to a T. There are a lot of new features coming in across a broad span of categories from multitasking enhancements to more intimate privacy controls. The update also brings a new way to have fun and start the festivities just in time for the New Year. Something is amazing for iPhone users in India as well— 5G support.

Clearly, there is a lot to talk about. But allow getting the basics out of the way before we dip into the specifics. apple releases iOS 16.2 is the second main update to iOS 16, the first being iOS 16.1 which came out over a month back. Apple usually doesn’t do staged rollouts which is to tell most— if not all – iPhones should be getting iOS 16.2 right about now. You can review the update’s availability by running over to your iPhone’s general settings. The fresh update considers it at about 1.29GB. It should be less in case you’re an existent beta tester). An identical version, called iPadOS 16.2, with iPad-detailed features is also rolling out simultaneously.

iOS 16.2 is accessible for iPhone 8 and above. The iPhone SE 2022 is also getting the update. (Apple is also supporting some older iPhones seemingly alive by pushing out iOS 15.7.2.) Now that the update is live and –hopefully—booting on your iPhone, here’s a brief round-up of all the top qualities of iOS 16.2:

Freeform is a new app that Apple is introducing with iOS 16.2. It will also be available on iPad and Mac operating iPadOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1, respectively. You can guess it is a digital whiteboard. Apple states Freeform is a collaboration tool offering users a “flexible” canvas to add and preview “a wide range” of files inline without having to stress about layouts or page sizes and without having to leave the board, also. These boards can be accessed on numerous devices since all data is stored in iCloud.

Talking of iCloud, Apple is growing the total number of data types protected via end-to-end encryption from 14 to 23 with iOS 16.2. iCloud Backup, Notes, and Photos are now protected under a new Advanced Data Protection system. Apple states the only main categories not included – as of writing— are iCloud Mail, Contacts, and Calendar because “of the need to interoperate with the global email, contacts, and calendar systems.

iOS 16.2 feature drop also includes Apple Music Sing, a dedicated karaoke-style mode in Apple Music that lets you have actual control over the verbal volume so you can sing along to your favorite music— duets also supported— with the help of on-screen beat-by-the-beat lyrics. The feature is also available on iPhone 11 and above, iPad Pro 3 and later, iPad Air 4 and above, iPad Mini 6, iPad 9 and later, and Apple TV 4K 3.

Apple is legally new to the always-on show game on iPhone and obviously, its first attempt has been getting mixed reviews. Many users have complained that the always-on display on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is more optimistic than they’d like, and a bit diverting as well. With iOS 16.2, Apple is giving you more power over this functionality letting you selectively turn off your lock-screen wallpaper (and actually notifications) for a relatively cleaner lock-screen when your iPhone is in rest mode and ever-on is enabled. While at it, it is also counting new sleep and medications widgets so you can access appropriate data quickly from the lock screen itself.

Rare other features worth mentioning include enhanced search in Messages so you can search for items based on content, a smarter AirDrop that can –now—automatically retreat to “Contacts Only” after 10 minutes to prevent unwanted requests to receive content, and crash detection optimizations on iPhone 14 series. iOS 16.2 also ultimately unlocks 5G support on iPhones in India. 

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