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Apple’s industrial strategy chief Hankey left. Evans Hankey, head of hardware design at Apple Inc., is leaving the iPhone maker after three years on the job, leaving a massive hole in the helm of a company known for its sleek-looking products, experts say Matter.

The industrial strategy chief- Hankey

Hankey was appointed to the post in 2019, succeeding Jony Ive, who has been the company’s iconic head of design for two decades. Prior to his current role as VP of Design at Industrial, Hankey worked for Apple for several years, reporting to Ive. She has since reported to Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams.

Her impending departure marks the first time Apple has lost its de facto head of design since co-founder Steve Jobs regained control of the company in the late 1990s and appointed Ive to the position. That’s what I mean. Richard Howarth, the key designer for Ive and Hankey’s team, reported to Ive from 2015 to 2017 when he temporarily served as lead industrial in his design role.

“Apple’s design team brings together veteran creatives from all over the world. To come up with products that are unmistakably Apple,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement. “The senior design team has strong leaders with decades of experience. Evans will continue her transition and we would like to thank her for her leadership and contributions.”

It continues to be a key differentiator, fending off rivals such as Samsung Electronics and, making Apple the world’s most valuable company and approaching $400 billion in revenue.

Apple weathered this year’s technology recession better than most. The company’s stock is down nearly 17% in 2022, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index is down 31%. Apple was $147.27 on Friday, he was up 2.7%.

It’s unclear if Hankey will switch to another company.

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