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Apple’s ‘Lockdown’ mode on iPhone. Apple started moving out the latest iOS 16 software update to many iPhones the previous week. This coincides with the global availability of the iPhone 14 series. iOS 16 adds many new elements such as an interactive lock screen and the power to edit and cancel newly transmitted messages.

But while numerous of the unique elements presented in iOS 16 isn’t user-specific, a further security component called Apple’s ‘Lockdown’ mode can make your Apple device vulnerable to targeted cyberattacks. But what is the iPhone’s new lockdown mode? What does it do to protect you from cyber espionage tools like Pegasus? Apple’s for iOS 16 Describe new security features.

World’s multiple security devices

For so many years, Apple has sold its iPhone as the world’s multiple security devices. But last year, a consortium of journalists announced The Pegasus Project, in which more than 30,000 human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers from around the world, including India, may have been targeted by the Israel-based NSO group’s Pegasus spyware. revealed something.

The malware was also relentless on iPhones, targeting users via different exploits, including multiple zero-click zero-days on iOS. Pegasus lets users remotely remove the contents of their phone and tap the camera and microphone. To access calls, locations, photos, and messages without their knowledge. Victims don’t even click the link.

However, in September, Apple fixed a vulnerability that Pegasus used to install on iPhones. In November, the US took stern action by blacklisting NSO Group, the Israeli company that founded Pegasus.

Following this, Apple filed a lawsuit against the creators of Pegasus, charging NSO Group with “clear violations of U.S. federal and state law” for damages generated by spyware on Apple devices.

The hack comes weeks after Apple filed a lawsuit against the Israeli company targeting customers.

Pegasus probes show that iPhones and other “connected” devices are not 100% safe and can be felled.

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