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Area 51 IPTV is one of the renowned IPTV service providers, which is offering hundreds of premium channels. Usually, they are taking features of $5. The authority which provides this service is known as area 51.

You can easily watch live TV if you are from the United States of America for the United Kingdom. Also, they are providing services in some other countries as well. The company which provides the services can be further categorized into different classes.

It also involves different sections like news, amusement, sports, movies, and some actual content. The reason behind its popularity is that it takes the cheapest rate to provide services.

Features of Area 51 IPTV

  • Users can enjoy all the channels with full HD quality pictures.
  • Area 51 IPTV comes with a friendly network remote control.
  • Area 51 provides channels of more than 1000.
  • It provides a huge number of sports channels as well, such as NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.
  • Users can enjoy live IPTV streams by recording them.
  • One can use a password for the safety protection of the adult section.
  • In the package of this service, Pay-per-view sporting events are included.
  • Area 51 IPTV ensures the support of an external player.
  • In this Area 51 IPTV, an online account is also available to raise paying invoices and support tickets.
  • By using a VLC video player, one can use Area 51 IPTV on Chromecast.

This article will give an overview of installing the Area 51 IPTV on Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, and Android TV Box.

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Installation of the Area 51 IPTV on the Fire TV

Let me share a step-by-step guide for installing Area 51 IPTV on your Firestick or Fire TV:

  1. You need to go home, then click on Settings, and then on my fire TV. You will find the developer options, and you have to click on apps from unknown sources and turn on them. 
  2. After getting access to installing apps from unknown sources of the devices, now you can take the assistance of a downloader or ES file explorer. For that, you need to go to the home of your firestick.
    You have to click on the magnifying glasses icon, which is available on the top left of the page. Afterward, you have to type the name of the preferred application like downloader or ES explorer. Then locate the application on Amazon Store for downloading.
  3. After installing the downloader on your fire TV on firestick, you have to input the particular URL to download the APK, which is:  Then you have to click on the go to proceed with downloading.
    You have to find out the original application from this website because there are many others applications named 51 that can harm your device. 
  4. After completing the installation process, you will be asked whether you want to keep the original apk or select any other. 
  5. After completing the installation process, it is required to launch the application if you have a premium VPN activated.
  6. In terms of setting up VPN services on your fire stick TV, you have to visit ExpressVPN from your laptop or any other mobile phone devices and register your account.
    From there, you have to download and install ExpressVPN and launch the app, then log in by the particular credentials.
  7. You have to press and hold down the home button for a few seconds and then choose the applications and select Area 51 IPTV. After launching the app, you have to provide your phone credential for Area 51 IPTV. TADA! You have done with installation.

How to Install the Area 51 IPTV on the NVIDIA SHIELD

While installing Area 51 IPTV, make sure you have these requirements like an IPVanish VPN account, install a down-loader on NVIDIA SHIELD. After that, follow the steps mentioned below to install Area 51 IPTV on NVIDIA SHIELD: –

Step-1: In order to maintain privacy, the first step is to connect to the VPN.

Step-2: In the second step, create an account with Area 51 at the time of making payment. Also, be careful about your card details while using PayPal.

Step-3: Then, from the unknown sights, users have to allow the installation of apps in the third step.

Step-4: Then click on the down-loader option in order to install it.

Step-5: Then, over there in the URL box, users have to type

Step-6: Then users have to install the app before downloading it, or else one can also create a shortcut to the home screen in order to access it easily.

Step-7: Launch Area 51 IPTV and then enter your username and then put password. And it will start installing, and one can easily enjoy the service.

Install Area 51 IPTV on Android TV Box

In the process of installation of android TV, box are as follows

Step-1: First, go to the setting menu on the user’s home screen and then select ‘File Manager’ > then ‘Add Source; > “<None>”.

Step-2: Then enter the link on the URL that is after adding this URL, then save it as Area 51.

Step-3: Then, in the third step, click revert back to the home screen and then click on the option named ‘Add-ons’ on the menu bar.

Step-4: Then select and click on the top left part of the add-on browser and then click to install the option from the zip file and select the menu select Area 51.

Step-5: Then, in the fifth step, click on the repository zip file, and then users have to wait for the notification message that the repository has been installed.

Step-6: Then select the install option from the repository from the add-ons menu located on the screen.

Step-7: Select Area 51 Repo and click video add-ons.

Step-8: Lastly, select Area 51 and then click to install and then wait for a few minutes, and you will get a notification that it has been downloaded and installed.


Let me conclude here that you just need to have a strong internet connection or internet-connected devices for watching Area 51 IPTV. In normal TV, the broadcaster needs to have complete management over the scheduling of the program.

The intention of scheduling the program is that the users do not have any control over the problems they can see. The responsibility of changes goes to IPTV. It also allows users to select their watching options when they want to watch it.

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