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Whatsapp is sending notifications to its users regarding the new privacy policy. Earlier the new privacy policy was intended to come to effect in February but now it will come to effect by May 15th. Whatsapp is giving time to its users to accept the new privacy policy and understand the things behind it.

The new privacy policy stated that all the chats are one-to-one encrypted and no one will be able to access them but the chats with small businesses are not going to be encrypted and can be accessible purposefully. Whatsapp is actually giving a chance to its users to go through the new rules and understand them and if they still want to switch, it’s solely their own choice.

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But! What you will miss if you switch to telegram or signal? Let’s understand it in detail.

Whatsapp Features you will miss

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app, simple to use, and is used by every one of us. Its simple UI and easy-to-contact features are just awesome and bind users well. But apart from these, there are some features you will miss while using other apps.

1) Payment Feature

Whatsapp has recently updated this feature but right now only WhatsApp has a payment feature. Neither telegram nor signal does have.

The payment feature allows users to send and receive payments easily and securely.

2) Picture-in-picture mode

This feature allows you to play shared videos in the messaging app while chatting with someone. Whatsapp and Telegram offer PIP features but the signal does not. Videos from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are supported by the PiP mode.

3) Storage Management

Storage is always a major issue when we use apps like WhatsApp because every day a lot of memes and simple images goes comes to us and we simply download them to read. The storage Management tool of Whatsapp is a blessing in such cases. This tool help users to know how much space the videos, photos have occupied on your phone. You can check photos and files sent by each contact individually and thus clear the space at a faster pace.

To do this,

  1. Go to Settings sections
  2. Then move to Storage and data
  3. and Click Manage storage

4) Instant Group call

Connecting people from distinct places together is not a difficult thing now. Whatsapp is the best place for a virtual get-together. Telegram does not offer any video calls or group video calls. Also, telegram does not offer end-to-end encryption of chats and messages. Signal and WhatsApp both provide end-to-end encryption of chats.

making a voice or video call on WhatsApp is just a click away and making a group call too. You do not need to add people one-by-one. Simply go to the group and call people. But remember only a maximum of 8 users is allowed to be in a call.

5) Simple and Interactive UI

last but not least, this is the main feature why I personally love WhatsApp. The app has a simple and interactive GUI and is very appealing. You can easily search out messages or particular documents.

Also, you can easily share every day’s status with your friends and family.

You can easily update your profile picture and status too.

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Final Words

Well folks next time you get a notification on your WhatsApp regarding updation of the privacy policy, make sure to read that.

I hope you like reading this information. Share your feedback. Thank you!

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