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Benefits of Whatsapp will be discussed on this page, including its advantages and disadvantages. There is a mention of Whatsapp’s benefits and its drawbacks.

The Whatsapp service: what is it?

The introduction:

Whatsapp is a freeware application that can install on smartphones, tablets, and any other computing device.

Voice-over-IP (VOIP) enables the calls to be there over the Internet.

Therefore, text, images, documents, audio/video files, and other media can be there via this application.

In addition to making voice calls and video calls, Whatsapp can be used to make video calls from other phones. In both cases, the phones (such as the caller’s and the called’s) require that Whatsapp be installed prior to making calls.

Whatsapp is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and other varieties of operating systems (OSs).

In the “CHATS” tab, people can chat with each other. A person can make a voice or video call through the “CALLS” tab. Check other people’s status and update your own status with the STATUS tab. WhatsApp Status allows people to share text, images, videos, and animated images, however, they expire after 24 hours.

Aspects of Whatsapp that are beneficial or advantageous

As a result of Whatsapp, the following benefits can be there:

➨The messages can be sent to any location in the world without any charges provides internet access is available on mobile devices.

➨You won’t interrupt by advertisements.

➨Also, there is no learning curve for any of the tools.

➨You can find out who all in your contacts are using Whatsapp via WhatsApp import which imports all contacts of your phone automatically.

➨Friends can see your location, your photos, and your status. WhatsApp on internet-enabled devices allows friends to chat for free without spending a cent.

There are drawbacks and disadvantages to WhatsApp

This is a list of some of Whatsapp’s drawbacks:

➨The option of hiding from particular users is not available.

➨It is not possible to send messages to a normal inbox on a mobile device.

➨ For instance, there is a risk that anyone could view a message meant only for you. Problems can arise in the happy home as a result of this.

➨It’s now possible to have three thousand members in a group by changing a few settings. Previously, there was a limit of 256 members per group.

➨Also, Receiving constant messages can become irritating for some people.

➨Any person with your contact number that you use for Whatsapp will be able to see your profile picture.

➨You can become addicted to WhatsApp. Whatsapp addiction is extremely difficult to overcome once you become addicted to it. Typically, schoolchildren suffer from this condition.

➨If you want to communicate with someone, you must let them know the telephone number.


 Whatsapp has few disadvantages, but it has many advantages as well. By using the Whatsapp application properly and paying close attention, you can overcome the drawbacks. We suggest allowing children to use for a specific duration, turning off the internet when you don’t want to disturb, reading and deleting personal messages if you don’t want anyone else reading them, keeping the profile generic, and not sharing your phone number with strangers.


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