Best Netflix shows in 2021: coming out on Netflix in May

best Netflix shows in 2021-Techvivi

Are you looking for binge-worthy shows? Are you tired of being driven off-track because of Netflix’s algorithms? Don’t worry because we have curated a list of all the best Netflix shows in 2021.

From the top Netflix original series to handpicked blockbuster shows, we have got it all. The entertainment industry has slowly and significantly adjusted to the pandemic constraints. The first quarter of 2021 did not see any major new Netflix series. However, starting from April, the lineup of new seasons on Netflix 2021 is jam-packed.

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Whether you like sci-fi thrillers or time-traveling back to the 80s, our checklist on the best series to watch on Netflix has got it all. Here is the list of all the top series on Netflix to look out for in 2021.

Best Netflix shows in 2021

  • Bridgerton

Bridgerton - Techvivi

The second season of Bridgerton has been one of the most anticipated shows of 2021. Set in 19th century London, the series follows the themes of politics, marriage, and love. The directors Shonda Rhimes and Jullie Anne Robinson beautifully portray romance and conflict in the new series. Bridgerton has been ranked the best streaming show on Netflix since its release.

With many fans calling it a fusion of Pride and Prejudice and Gossip Girl, Bridgerton has emerged as one of the top Netflix original series of 2021.

  • Riverdale

Riverdale - Techvivi

Ever since its launch, Riverdale was an instant hit among fans. The teen drama series takes a dark twist on Archie comics. Riverdale will be releasing its new season on Netflix in 2021. The show unveils the dark side of a small town called Riverdale.

The binge-worthy series revolves around four main characters- Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. Fans are thrilled about the announcement of the upcoming season. From murders to romance, there is never a dull moment in this one-of-a-kind Netflix original series.

  • Elite

Elite - Techvivi

This show is a coming-of-age Spanish teenage drama. Elite is one of the most popular new Netflix series. With a rotten tomatoes rating of 97%, this series has won the hearts of fans all around the world. Elite is a murder mystery full of entertainment, drama, and humor.

Elite is undoubtedly one of the best series to watch on Netflix. Filled with cliffhangers, mysteries, twists, and exceptional soundtracks, Elite keeps the audience hooked from beginning to end.

  • Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - Techvivi

This anticipated series is an adaptation of the best-selling novel Shadow and Bone. The show is an epic fantasy adventure, a package of kingdoms, monsters, and wars. Shadow and Bone revolves around the protagonist Jessie Mie Li, an outsider who discovers that her powers can save her country from war.

Shadow and Bone premiered on April 23 and has already acquired a strong fan base. The show has the potential to become one of the best Netflix shows of 2021.

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Final Note

With summertime around the corner, your days and nights are now in for a treat. With our specially curated list of the best streaming shows on Netflix, you no longer have to worry about what to watch next. Now is the time to keep your boredom at bay and binge-watch these alluring New Netflix series.


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