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The long, slow march to the big console graveyard in the sky has begun for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo announcing that the 3D-capable handheld eShop for digital downloads will close for good in March 2023.

Nintendo 3DS eShop

Al those purchases made from credit cards on the store will cease to be accepted after May 23, 2022. The same is the case for eShop gift cards from August 29, 2022. And, if you’re a Wii U owner, those dates apply to the Wii U eShop. It is set to close.

While the best of the Wii U has slowly made its way across to the Nintendo Switch, we are pouring one out for the Nintendo 3DS here in particular as so many games unique to that console will be lost when the store shuts down.

There are some 1,000-odd titles exclusive to the eShop, that are not available elsewhere. These are unavailable to access (by legal means, at any rate) once Nintendo shutters the stores for good.

Best Nintendo 3DS eShop exclusive games to buy before they’re gone forever

So many amazing 3DS games are available in physical cartridge form. They are increasingly rare on store shelves and online. The price of ownership to collectors’ item levels is driving up.

It’s sure to raise arguments once again about the provenance of digital game ownership, and also fuel those pushing for better historical game preservation. But for now, time is of the essence – these are the Nintendo 3DS eShop exclusive games you simply can’t afford to miss. Grab ‘em while you can.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is $10 off at Woot today

The Nintendo Switch Lite is seeing a very rare discount today! The handheld-only variant of the popular Switch normally sells for $199.99, but Woot is offering it today for $189.99 if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber.

This discount may not sound very interesting but Nintendo hardware sales are quite uncommon. The sales on the Switch Lite are even rarer. This deal is for today only!

What’s even sweeter with this deal is that all five colors are on offer: turquoise, yellow, coral, blue, and gray. So you can pick whatever vibrant Switch Lite fits your fancy and kick back with some excellent portable games.

The sales of the Nintendo Switch have continued skyrocketing during the pandemic. It may sound very easy to overlook Switch Lite due to travel and commutes not being what they used to be. The Switch Lite may be an amazing ideal for on-the-go gaming, but it also makes a great around-the-house handheld.

It eschews the removable joy-cons for built-in controls affixed to a 5.5-inch LCD screen. That display is smaller than the 6.2-inch and 7-inch panels of the regular Switch and Switch OLED. Though the overall compact package makes it a more svelte and streamlined experience. It even has a proper D-pad!

One thing to keep in mind is that some games are not compatible with the Switch Lite, and text can be a little small if a game was designed with a large TV in mind. But in case you have a Switch for TV use, the Switch Lite makes a great supplementary console for a simplified portable experience or for more members of your family.

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