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Best Of 2021: 10 Overlooked GameCube Gems You Must Play. The North American 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s cube-y console is upon us and we’ve come to realize that two entire decades is long enough for people. This is to either forget the GameCube’s charming boxy shape. Even grow to adulthood without ever handling Nintendo’s handled hardware. “0 years is also plenty of time for anything less than the very best and brightest examples of the system’s library to quietly fade from memory.underrated gamecube games

So this is the best time to dust off much-loved copies of F-Zero GX, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Metroid Prime for one more happy go. Let’s go deeper and celebrate the console’s wider and more unusual releases as well? best Gamecube games of all time

Kururin Squash! (GCN)

“More Kururin”-description this game needs

The simple-to-grasp yet difficult-to-master wall-avoiding gameplay that made the launch GBA title such an unexpected highlight is present and correct here, the all-new 3D surroundings sensibly used to lightly enhance rather than over-complicate the already perfect formula. This is the last Nintendo’s whirly action-puzzle series, but at least it went out on a high. under the radar Gamecube games.obscure gamecube games.random gamecube games

Odama (GCN)

This is the amazing mix of pinball and feudal Japanese warring. This got a worldwide release. In this, you have to use the giant flippers to propel the titular ball towards your enemies. You have to order your troops via the oft-forgotten GameCube microphone. You have to get your goal on time.random gamecube n64 hidden gems

Part-arcade action, part-tactics, part-shouting, Odama won’t be everyone’s idea of a must-have title, but then again we’d hope for nothing less unusual from the mind responsible for the Dreamcast’s most famous talking fish, Seaman. Wii hidden gamecube games you never n64 hidden gems

Doshin The Giant (GCN)

Doshin the Giant is a debut game on Nintendo’s expensive and exclusively Japanese 64DD add-on. This is a European-released port of the giant’s island-based shenanigans is thankfully slightly easier to get hold of. Gamecube hidden gems gamecube games of all time

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest (GCN)

Another beautiful project is Nintendo’s Japanese N64 disc drive. This project has the distinction of never releasing on that earlier rewritable format. This striking low-poly visual is used to navigate the blocky Cubivore world. It also helps to abstract an experience that routinely asks you to not only defeat your enemies but tear them limb from limb before consuming their bodies. Gamecube hidden gems Reddit.Wii hidden gems

DreamMix TV World Fighters (GCN)

Smash Bros will now have two of the most popular Belmonts, as well as a huge quantity of fantastic remixes of classic Castlevania tracks to go with them. But there is still one crossover fighting game that lets legendary vampire killer Simon take on Transformers‘ Optimus Prime.

Nothing will beat Sakurai’s series when we talk about crossovers. Though Konami’s attempt to take the genre throne is at the very least a colorful jumble of recognizable faces and grin-inducing ‘Wait, they really included that guy?!’ character choices.

P.N.03 (GCN)

AKA: ‘That time Shinji Mikami, is a very famous game for giving the world the survival horror masterpiece Resident Evil.

‘Capcom Five’, P.N.03 features distinct enemy types that work together within tightly controlled arenas to make each room its own mesmerizing score attack action-puzzle sequence. With less practice, players will find themselves executing perfectly timed balletic twirls straight through incoming laser fire.

Lost Kingdoms (GCN)

It is the combination of the depth of an RPG with the irresistible nature of card collecting. You have to add a dash of action and you’ve got GameCube exclusive Lost Kingdoms. It involves a dark adventure from a quirky little developer called FromSoftware.

A twist here is away from RPG norms, the heroine, Katia. It never attacks directly herself. Instead entirely reliant on the monsters she summons forth from the cards she buys, captures, and transforms, with players. This is aiming to build a deck capable of taking on the mysterious entity. This is behind the deadly Black Fog.

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