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Bobo Roblox Locations. Want to know all Bobo’s locations in Roblox’s Evade? Bobo is a rare character you can find and play in-game, and knowing all of his locations will give you a huge advantage. This guide contains a list of all known Bobo locations in Evade.

The Bobo in Roblox

If you want to take down tough opponents in Roblox Evade, stay away from Bobo. This prankster is one of the weakest in the game with only a few life points. It’s not particularly fast, but its small size can make it difficult to hit. Bobo is most commonly seen in the Enemy Randomizer game mode, but may occasionally appear in other game modes. If you are lucky enough to encounter one, quickly defeat it before it runs away. Any tower is fine, even if it’s that low in health. Be careful not to get overwhelmed when more than one Bobo is on the screen at once.

But don’t let this Roblox Bobo’s harmless appearance fool you. It can get pretty annoying. especially in large quantities. Bobos are often found in game lobbies and may dance in groups near spawn points. It can also be found near the cliffs and walls blocking the sea to the left of the lobby.

Alone bobos pose little threat, but in packs, they can be. So it’s best to retrieve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Luckily, there are some tried and tested methods for defeating these cunning creatures, one is avoiding them altogether. After all, overtaking Bobo is not so difficult. Another strategy is to kill remotely using ranged weapons or abilities. Either way, with a little practice, any player should be able to beat these enemies with ease.

Bobo Roblox Locations

Four Corners

The most accurate map to find Roblox Bobo is Four Corners. It is a simple square structure with a branching passage named after it. Bobo does a Take the L dance at the end of this passage. You can use Coke to get to him faster and escape to the corner in time, so you won’t get caught by bots in the hallway.


In the complex, Bobo is in the rear storage room on level C3. If you want to find him, go to level C3 and open the door. Once inside, pay attention to some rooms. At one point you will see his Bobo near his room in the office with the kitchen in the background.

Seraph Research

You need to move to the roof of the research building with stairs. Drink a cola and use it to jump high enough on building external objects and jump off of them to reach the top or enable VIP control to create a private server and jump high for this task raise You can limit the Open the door at the top of the stairs. Inside, two bobos are waiting for you. If you catch both, you win!


To find Bobo in the Roblox Evade game, you have to go to the highest point on the map. From there, look to your right and you’ll see Bobo standing on the ledge. Unfortunately, you can’t access it from this location, but it’s a great place to escape bots!

Desert Bus

Evade’s desert bus map looks drab, but you can explore the buildings. Then press O to change the viewpoint to third-person mode. Then place your arm on the side of the building you want to examine and move your mouse around until you can see inside. As you step into the huge wooden warehouse, you will be amazed by the hordes of bobos.

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