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Finally the wait is over, South K-pop band BTS collaborated with the fast-food giant McDonald’s. The popular South Korean pop band BTS is a sensation among youths. BTS fans in India were eagerly waiting for the BTS meal in India, which is now confirmed. BTS McDonald’s collaboration announced to offer its fans a limited-edition meal leaving everyone surprised. Westlife Development, its partner for the region shared the news of  BTS McDonald’s collaboration on Friday. It announced that McDonald’s will serve its BTS Meal in its restaurants in south and west India starting 04 June. 

West and South Indian people can order the BTS Meal starting on 04 June until 04 July 2021. The BTS McDonald’s collaboration has decided to provide multiple channels including delivery, dine-in, takeout and on-the-go in accordance with government’s guidelines.

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How to get BTS meal via BTS McDonald’s collaboration 

The WeVerse shop app will provide the facility of BTS X McDonald’s merchandise.  The WeVerse shop app is a Korean mobile app that allows users to engage with music bands and artists. 

Additionally, McDonald’s revealed the limited period BTS Meal menu on Thursday.  After a big surprise Westlife Development shared the limited menu which will be available in BTS meal. It said “The band’s favourite order—featuring a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World-Famous Fries, medium Coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea—will be available across all restaurants in West and South India on June 04th.” 

Recently, in a promotional video, BTS members revealed why they decided to work with McDonald’s. In a promotional video for the BTS Meal, the boys revealed their fond memories associated with their fast-food chain. Moreover, McDonald’s will introduce the BTS Meal in 50 markets globally. 

Final note

The BTS fans in India, too, have been waiting for the special meal to be sold at the outlets across the country. Looks like the wait will finally be over soon. People can order across multiple channels including delivery, dine-in, takeout and on-the-go, in accordance with the government’s guidelines. 

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