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BTS: V sets a new Instagram record at 47.8 million. The famous Korean pop band BTS V has recently reached new heights on Instagram and has captured the hearts of fans. V opened Instagram in December 2021 and gained widespread popularity due to its attractive personality. ARMY has another reason to be happy. V currently surpassed the popular K-pop group’s Instagram account and set a new milestone.

Yes, you are reading it correctly! V currently has about 47.8 million followers, surpassing BLACKPINK’s 47.7 million followers. V has become the 6th most watched K-pop artist on Instagram.

He is also the most followed male K-pop idol on Instagram. In addition, V is ranked 9th in engagement rate, making him the only K-pop artist on the top 10 list. BTS creates excellent music that made the ARMY fall in love with them. BTS members continue to break social media records.

KOBALT draws his 700,000 songs from Facebook and Instagram

MBW has confirmed that Kobalt Music Publishing, home of 700,000 songs, has sourced its entire catalog from Facebook and Instagram in the United States.

According to a memo sent to Kobalt’s authors and partners yesterday (July 23) and obtained by MBW, the existing US license agreement with Kobalt’s Meta (Facebook and Insta’s parent company) has expired and both parties have a new deal.

“In the months we have worked diligently and sincerely to reach an agreement on a new license for the cobalt repertoire,” said the memo.

Importantly, in this memo, “We have always put songwriters first. People are proud to continue to do so. We have reached an agreement with Meta. We are doing our best. ”

Kobalt’s decision to abolish the catalog has implications far beyond its own.

Kobalt estimates that it is the publisher of songwriters who support over 40% of the top 100 tracks and albums of a typical week in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Therefore, removing the Kobalt publisher’s catalog will inevitably affect a wide range of hits distributed/signed by three major record labels, not to mention various independent distributors/labels around the world.

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