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A statement by Activision talks about the termination of Call Of Duty Ghosts Voice actor from the company after sexist allegations. That’s why it has decided not to work with the Leach studio any longer. As a result, Activision has cut ties with Jeff Leach, her voice actor behind Ghost after she had made recent sexist remarks that are equally parts shocking and offensive.

Leach has not always been the Ghost voice actor. Before 2019’s Modern Warfare and 2020’s Warzone, it was Craig Hairgrass. Now that Leach has left, it’s unclear who will replace him.

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 It’s worth mentioning, however, that Activision strongly condemns the remarks by Leach and that it’s “in commit to providing a safe and fun gaming experience for everyone.” We strongly condemn Jeff Leach’s remarks. Jeff Leach was terminated from Activision. We’re providing a safe and fun gaming environment for everyone.” A video surfaced on Twitter that compiled a series of recent and sexist comments made by Leach during the stream and elsewhere, prompting Activision to decide.

What’s more about Call of Duty Ghosts Voice Actor?

After this, the montage shows newer clips, from late 2020. In these clips, Leach is streaming Call of Duty and making sexual comments to female players. VGC has chosen not to quote any of these clips. The Call of Duty news site Charlie INTEL contacted Activision after the tweets were there. The company informed Charlie INTEL that Leach would no longer be working there. The company said it is no longer working with Jeff Leach because of sexism in the gaming industry and society.

A spokesperson for the company says that it will “strongly condemn these remarks, promising players a safe and fun experience. “Furthermore, in his words, anyone who sends “threatening messages” in Call of Duty will not be tolerated. As ZombiUnicorn said, “well done [Activision] for taking action,” she reiterated the fact that “Hate and prejudice remain free to reign” on Facebook Gaming.

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