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On April 22, The Central Board of Secondary Education announced new changes to its assessment and process for the next academic session. This update on CBSE New Assessment Process is in accordance with CBSE’s New Education and Policy and its move towards Competency-Based Education or CBE. CBSE plans to include more competency-based questions in question papers of classes 9,10,11 and 12. These are the questions that assess the application of concepts in real life.

CBSE New Assessment Process

In a recent letter to the heads of all the CBSE-affiliated schools, CBSE’s evaluation criteria now include Competency Based Questions. This will be about 30% for classes 9 and 10, and 20% for Classes 11 and 12. 

For Classes 11 and 12, there will be 20% Competency-Based Questions, 20% objective type questions and 60% will include short and long answer type questions. The overall marks and duration of the examination will stay the same.

The questions can be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Cased Based Questions, Course-Based integrated questions, or any other types.

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CBSE Competency-Based Education

The New Education Policy emphasizes equipping the students with real-life problem solving ability and skills. The policy aims to shift the education system’s focus from memorizing notes to learning more formative skills. CBSE’s Competency Based Education focuses on developing skills, high order critical thinking, and conceptual clarity. CBSE circular said, “The forthcoming sessions a greater number of Competency Based Questions or questions that assess the application of concepts in real-life/ unfamiliar situations will be part of the question paper.”

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Final Note

These new changes come after the cancellation and postponement of class 10 and class12 board examinations respectively. This is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and massive protests by people to cancel the exams. The changes to the curriculum for the new academic session received mixed reviews. Some approved of this step towards holistic learning, others felt the changes will be confusing for the students.

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