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Charli XCX Roblox Concert Excerpts. Last Friday, I rode a hoverboard around a large Charli XCX body fax. And bounced on a smartphone like a trampoline. All of this happened at Samsung’s Superstar Galaxy, a visual concert featuring pop music stars. Played on the online Roblox platform to promote the silly-looking flip phone. Five weeks before the game, participants could roam the shiny white station, completing small challenges.

This is done to unlock visual prizes such as the Charli XCX cheerleader uniform. My avatar, one of the default characters for the platform, looked like a version of Pete Wentz’s emotional image in the bin, with shaggy hair, and a pizza shirt. It took a “selfie” in the in-game photo booth, posed for a “running man” in a neon arena called “Cyber ​​City,” and met a Lego-style red-clad guy who asked questions like, “How are you? Do you think your friends might feel like having a Samsung phone? ”

To understand why Charli XCX agreed to make this arrangement in the first place, consider this. Half of the American children play Roblox, making it one of the most intimidating youth cultural engines in modern society. It’s not an independent game like Elden Ring or Zelda; is more than just a store and creative platform, where users can develop a variety of visuals and share them with millions of other users. “Anyone can make their game there, so it’s very similar to YouTube,” Polygon writer and Roblox journalist Ana Diaz tell me.

Spotify has launched its island in Roblox

Because its applications are open, it is one of the largest metaverse limits, even if written by children. Spotify has launched its island in Roblox, recently launching a K-pop-themed theme park. The Recording Academy hosted the Las Vegas-themed Grammy Week there. Charli XCX was the latest in a series of great artists to play on the platform, including twenty-one pilots, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X, whose 2020 concert garnered 33 million views. If all goes well, artists can reach a new generation of listeners and trigger a second layer of content creation, as Roblox-centric Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and TikTokers rush to add their own comments.

Activating Roblox is part of a major sports music genre

Activating Roblox is part of a major sports music genre, which has accelerated during a period of violence during the loss of live shows and led to cheap efforts such as Travis Scott’s Fortnite international tour. Games give the music industry a temporary fix and an opportunity to rethink its entire financial strategy.

Artists who have sold digital accessories within Roblox have seen huge profits

Artists who have sold digital accessories within Roblox have seen huge profits. Six months after Roblox’s “Dance Party” was promoted to promote his album Poster Girl, Swedish pop star Zara Larsson made more than a million dollars through visual sales, including a neon cowboy hat, and a flower crown. , and the sign of Zara Larsson. face mask. Looking at my cheugy, my default hipster avatar of the 2000s, I understood why one could buy virtual swag — you might look good online if you spend time there, as you would in real life. “The good thing is that the exposure is not limited to that one-time event,” Diaz said. “People will continue to wear those things in their avatars in every game, and it will go out and come out.”

Charli’s show itself was bizarre and chaotic, like the nightmare of a gloomy fanatic gay fanatic. The great digital Charli appeared in a miniskirt and black boots — the artist’s authenticity was broadcast on the game in a moving photography suit — and he even sang his song “Good” while the little avatars mocked at his feet. (I stepped on Charli!) When the HAIM sisters and Dua Lipa got their shit out of their wooden dance, Charli’s picture looked like a Toy Story character. Common mistakes: At one time there were two versions of a British pop music star, one moving steadily in a T-pose while the other wandering aimlessly. Many recorded tracks will play at the same time, making the fatigue worse from the limited choice of song.

“Concerts like these are usually very emotional,” said 15-year-old Charli fan and Roblox actor James. Ava Max’s avatar has fallen into disrepair at her Heaven & Hell launch event. Zara Larrson said, “I love rhubarbs” at her party, although swearing at a children’s audience violates the terms of service.

Roblox concerts tend to be more interactive

To put it bluntly, Roblox concerts tend to be more interactive than your live central program. Lessons of obstacles, demands, and the opportunity to explore the physical environment keep players immersed. According to Josh Neuman, president of Roblox-centric MELON development studio, Roblox gives artists the opportunity to invest in more information. “Destinations can continue to be revitalized and revitalized, and artists can continue to supply music and information to the stage. Next time you want to release a song, you will come back. And create a play that is in harmony with the theme of that song. ” Imagine if Taylor Swift, whose fans are always chasing Easter eggs. With her whole Roblox area — the Swifties would never go out.

That may require complex licensing negotiations; last September, Roblox settled a $ 200 million lawsuit from the National Music Publishers ’Association over copyright concerns. There are other issues artists and developers will have to deal with, such as content balancing. And navigating the balance between authentic speech and feeding kids who only know one TikTok song. And for now, that new world resembles the crucified Charli XCX of Jesus Christ.

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