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China Censored Friends Reunion. Friends reunions are among Central Perk’s favorite things. It does not, however, according to the Chinese Central Committee.

 Three versions of the streaming show on three Chinese video platforms would no longer feature Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and BTS announced on Thursday  According to observers, the platform likely censored the clips due to their varying length.

Government officials have previously irritated those expelled as when China censored reunion.

Bieber’s photo of Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which honors Japanese war dead, including war criminals, caused friction over Lady Gaga’s meeting with the Dalai Lama.

BTS has been annoying the government on everything from style to not mentioning China’s contributions to the Korean War.

 Phoebe or Lady Gaga nobody’s duet with Lisa Kudrow included in the stream. BTS members recall watching as younger was also canned and Justin Bieber in a sputnik costume.

Why China Censored Friends Reunion?

In some Chinese cities, a Central Perk-themed coffee shop has been created based on the show; the special proved popular in China.

A fan commented on social media, “This is crazy, do not cut the scene if you introduce the show to China. If you have to, then do not introduce it at all. What is the point of eating this castrated content?” In contrast, the censorship enjoyed the support of more nationalistic comrades.

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Lady Gaga’s version of “Smelly Cat” also got chopped as the singer is banned in the country ever since her meeting with the Dalai Lama in 2016. Finally, Justin Bieber irked the country after his Instagram post about his visit to Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo in 2014. The religious site is a matter of international controversy, and the singer has been blacklisted in China ever since.

Besides these cuts, the streaming services also cut the comments of the LGBTQ fans of Friends. However, despite the edits, the episode received a great response from the viewers in the country. Hollywood Reported stated that the special currently has a sky-high 9.5/10 rating on China’s movie and TV reviews site Douban, making it one of the highest-rated TV imports.

Where to watch friends uncensored?

There is no particular place to watch the friends uncensored due to pirated versions’ stoppage. But, as per the rumors, there are still some sites that are providing FRIENDS uncensored clips.

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