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Edge, Chrome And Firefox Version100 is going to rollout soon which causes some pages to malfunction. The switch to version 100 in a few weeks may create issues or compatibility difficulties on some websites. These are not able to handle quintuple user-agent sequences. Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft are all striving difficult to prevent major problems.

For months, Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft are warning well about the upcoming version 100 release. It is going to arrive soon in March for Google Chrome and Edge, accompany by Firefox in May. Both Mozilla and Google are doing trials to examine web pages and identify errors. There is a continuous list of difficulties, which is currently very short. Although, prominent sites that get affect include HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo.

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Chrome And Firefox Version100: Work Behind The Scene Like The Y2k Bug

“Around 12 years ago, When browsers initially hit version 10. There are several difficulties with User parsing tools are uncovered as the major release number increased from one digit to two. This is an explanatory statement by a team of web engineers in a Mozilla blog. Web pages have multiple versions for user-agent sequences. It is similar to the notorious Y2K bug, which made the year 2000 inseparable from 1900 for certain computers. It is feasible that certain parsing libraries may have difficult inferences or bugs. Take this into account 3-digit major version numbers.”

Although there are issues about certain sites crashing, a huge amount of work is going on behind the scenes. This ensures the transfer to edition 100 goes well, much like what occurred to prevent issues with the Y2K bug 22 years back. Programmers may use a specific flag in the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. This forces the sites to record as version 100 and assist in site testing.

Also, there are contingency preparations in place of significant problems. If fractures are extensive and uncontrollable. Mozilla says it will either immediately patch faulty websites or permanently freeze Firefox’s main version at 99. Google’s fallback plan is to employ a flag to limit the version to 99, and Microsoft is not having a backup plan as far as we can tell.


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