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Here’s how to get Claim death stranding, one of 2019’s leading titles for free on Epic Games today.

Online game store Epic Games is offering away the latest games for free every 24 hours this holiday season as part of its Holiday Sale 2022. The complimentary free game that Epic provides away changes every day at midnight and for today, the game of selection is 2019’s open-world hit claim death stranding. This is the most famous game to be open or accessible during the Holiday Sale so far, which started on December 15.

Epic Games is known to give away some awesome free tags from time to time. These include simple normal games as well as big tags like Grand Theft Auto V and the entire Tomb Raider series, all of which have been available for free in the past.

Death stranding is a 2019 open-world game by well-known game developer Hideo Kojima, who was also responsible for the Metal Gear Solid series. The label puts participants in the shoes of Sam Bridges, who must protect humanity after an event carries harmful, destructive beings to the land of the living.

How to get the game?

To assert the game, install the Epic Games launcher on your Windows machine and log in with your ID(identification) if you haven’t already. On the major page of the Epic Games launcher, you should notice a prompt to check out the Free Games now accessible this holiday season. You can click on it to find Death Stranding in the index of free games.

Alternatively, you can also utilize the search bar in the Store tab of the launcher to manually search for Death Stranding and then grasp the game for free. The label will then be added to your library and can be installed smoothly from there whenever you desire to play the game.

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