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Construct an AFK fish farm in Minecraft. When it comes to gathering resources, most Minecraft players think of exploring, mining, and looting structures. Though Minecraft also has a slightly famous and much more comfortable path to gather food and enchanted in-game items: fishing. Fishing in Minecraft allows you to gather dozens of valuable items that make it easier for you to go through most parts of the game. The only difficulty with this system is that fishing in the game requires a great deal of patience. Luckily, in Minecraft, he can build an AFK fish farm without much effort if he knows how to build one. Too good to talk? It is not. So let’s see how it happens!

Make AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft (2022)

This guide wrapped two additional Minecraft AFK Fish Farm designs. One is easier and brings you restricted items, and the other helps you gather occasional and valuable items. Use the table below to find a method that fits your playstyle.

Kinds of AFK Fish Farm

There are two kinds of AFK fish farms you can create in Minecraft:

One Block Farms: These farms are easy and require only one block of water. Can only be used to gather knowledge of orbs, fish, and some everyday items.

Walled Farm: This version of the fish farm is a little more complicated to build. However, enchanted books, tools, and other items can be collected along with fish and experience orbs.

Items needed to create an easy fish farm

To build a basic one-block AFK fish farm in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items:

  • 1 Iron Trapdoor
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Iron Pressure Plate
  • A Bucket of Water
  • 1 Noteblock
  • A Hopper
  • 1 Fence
  • A Temporary Block
  • 1 Fishing Rod

All of these items can be readily obtained in Minecraft by scouring several villages for ingredients. However, before using these articles, we recommend applying Minecraft enchantments to your fishing rod to create it even more efficient. We recommend applying the Luck of the Sea III, Mending I, and Lure III enchantments.

Ways to Create an Easy AFK Fish Farm

The AFK fish farm design was first picked up by YouTuber Shulkercraft and is now a community favorite. Obey these steps to efficiently create a simple AFK fish farm for him in Minecraft.

1. First, drill a 4-block wide spot in a linear line.

2. Then put two chests side by side in the holes. This will cause a big chest to appear in its place

3. Next, place the funnel next to your chest. This funnel should be related to these chests.

4. After that, put a fence over the funnel and put a pressure plate on this fence.

5. Then empty the bucket of water into the funnel. Water will flow to the last empty block.

6. Next step is to place a notepad on the ground next to the hole you soaked.

7. After placing the notepad, place a temporary block on top of it and use it to place a trapdoor in the water-filled hole. Then you can unlock the temporary lock.

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