Corrupt Images in Google Photo Cloud. Google Photos users are reportedly grumbling that images they’ve stored in their cloud library for years are corrupted. Android, iOS, and web users have reported this problem, and this is reflected in older photos, especially those of him that are over five years old.

As stained by 9to5Google, reports of this issue have been published on the Google Photos help page, and some users have also reported the issue on their Reddit account. However, not all users seem to face this issue. Google fixed some users’ photos in the past few days, and the tech giant plans to fix all users’ issues soon.

 Lines and deep cracks

Lately, some users have noticed lines and deep cracks corrupting some images in their Google Photos library. This damage was extensive in some images, while others showed blurry and malformed areas. Additionally, some images were more corrupted than others, and users saw white dots seeming on some images.

This damage to digitally stored photos looks like water deterioration on physical analog images. Some of these simulated users have also reported having problems downloading images.

As a reminder, Google added a new Collage Editor feature earlier this month. According to Google, “Photos” selects the best snippets from a user’s video of the day, cuts them out, and displays them in Memories. At the same time, the image has a subtle zoom-in and zoom-out effect. Additionally, instrumental music is also played to the user in the background of the memory. If the user didn’t understand the similarity, there is a gesture to swipe up and down to switch between different reminders. Also coming to Memories is a new scrapbook-inspired feature, Styles. Users can also share entire memories with others.

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