Cortana for Android and iOS gets a major update

Microsoft has announced plans for a big update to Cortana for Android and iOS users. The company is looking to bring an overhauled UI, the ability to join Skype or Teams meetings via Cortana, and new podcast and music connections as well. This is all going to roll out with Cortana version 3.0, but the company is first testing it out with a beta version rolled out for both Android and iOS users. Cortana version 3.0 beta is rolling out slowly, so not all beta testers will see it immediately.

Cortana version 3.0 brings a new UI for making Cortana more conversational and is also shifting set up and management of the voice assistant to a new place. The changelog states that Cortana also brings support for Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, and allows users to set reminders, timers, and create meetings with voice commands. It also enables users to join Skype and Teams meetings just by simply speaking with Cortana. Furthermore, it also brings the ability to send emails by voice and manage calendar as well.

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The full changelog (shared by Windows Central) is noted below:

  • Listen to music and podcasts on the go. Just ask Cortana to play your favourite tunes and podcasts with Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn on your phone or through a paired Bluetooth device
  • Stay organized and on task. Set reminders, timers and create meetings with your voice
  • Join your next Skype or Teams meeting by simply asking Cortana. You can also manage your calendar or send a quick email by voice.

As mentioned, only beta testers can get Cortana version 3.0 for now, and Android users must register to become beta testers on Google Play, while iOS users must register in the limited TestFlight program to experience the new Cortana right away. Not all beta users are seeing the update immediately, and it’s presumably because it’s a slow rollout and may take some time to reach all users. There’s no word on when all users on the stable app version will get the update, and these users will have to wait till all the bugs are ironed out for the commercial roll-out of Cortana v3.0.

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