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Create a Creeper Farm in Minecraft. A communal nightmare that Minecraft creators have encountered for years is creeper explosions. These aggressive mobs arise out of nowhere, sneak up on you, and explode. Not only can their explosion effortlessly kill you, but it can also reduce the struggle you put into creating your Minecraft base. is very useful if killed in time.

You can also gather gunpowder and music CDs by killing creepers. But bombing them is nothing smaller than an attempt at self-destruction. To combat this, we have prepared a guide on how to build a creeper farm in Minecraft. This form lets you gather all useful creeper loot without bringing single damage. Then let’s get started!

Create a Creeper Farm in Minecraft

A creeper farm in Minecraft is effortless to build but demands planning and iterative building of structures. I divided the garden into separate areas to avoid confusion. Utilize the table down to find instructions for creating each structure individually.

A place to Create Minecraft Creeper Farm

Creepers now mainly spawn around caves in Minecraft, thanks to the major terrain changes in the Minecraft 1.18 update. So if your farm is in a cavernous area, more creepers will spawn. Spectator mode in Minecraft allows you to quickly discover huge cave systems. With that in mind, there are three places to create farms: underwater, caves, and air.

We recommend upgrading your floating creeper farm to save yourself the extra hassle. However, farms require a lot of blocks, so you can also collect all the blocks while digging an underground area for your farm. For this guide, we will create a creeper farm at an elevation of Y=200 above sea level to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency.

Objects needed to build a Creeper Ranch

To create a creeper farm in Minecraft you will need the following items:

The general items:

  • 102 Magma Blocks
  • Eighteen Solid Blocks
  • Four Redstone Dust
  • A Redstone Block
  • Three Hoppers
  • 2 Sticky Pistons
  • Two Comparators
  • One Powered Rail
  • A Lever
  • Seven Rails
  • A Minecart with Hopper
  • Eight Water Buckets

Items for each floor

  • 230 Solid Blocks
  • Four Fence Gates
  • 74 Trapdoors
  • An Observer
  • One Dispenser
  • A Water Bucket

List of Items for Allay Automation

  • One Hopper
  • Two Chests
  • A Sculk Sensor
  • One Slab
  • An Allay

Ways to create a creeper farm in Minecraft

The Creeper Farm design is based on a build by YouTubers Wattles and Shulkercraft. We have made some transformations to match the functionality of the Minecraft 1.19 update. You can also change it with your own idea while assembling.

The Killing Area

Observe these steps to create a creeper farm kill area in Minecraft.

1. Place the magma block in the air first. There should be no blocks near it. However, to get to this point, you may need to place absolute provisional blocks first.

2. After that, place 9 magma blocks on all sides of the major block. The paths will intersect in the form of a cross or plus sign (+).

3. Then place magma blocks on either side of the recently formed path. This creates a plus sign shape that is 3 blocks wide on each side.

4. The next step is to build 3-block high walls on all sides of the magma platform. These walls cannot be made of common glass or non-solid blocks. However, colored glass or other concrete building blocks can also be used.

Once the walls are in place, place a bucket of water in each corner of each row. This leaves only the middle 9 blocks without water.

The Collection Area

Obey these steps to set up the creeper farm item collection system in Minecraft.

1. Break the central block of the structure first and create a hollow 3×3 platform underneath. A gap of 1 block is required between this platform and the main structure. Also, this platform should have a hole in the middle.

2. Then place two chests next to each other on either side of the hollow platform to create a larger chest.

3. After placing the chest, remove the block next to the chest and place the hopper in its place.

4. Then wrap the entire platform with 7 rails and 1 power rail. Then place the minecart with the hopper on top of the rail and the minecart with the lever next to the powered rail.

5. The cart does not stop moving when the lever is activated. But we still need a boost to get started. To do this, you will need to place some temporary blocks that will stand next to the platform. Then place a trapdoor in the glass above your head and open it to go into swim mode. In the end, you have to go ahead and push the minecart to sneak out.

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