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Croma reports Rs 18,000 price reduction for iPhone 13. It’s showering sales and discounts. iPhone deals appear to be setting the festive mood for the year. Several major retail chains, as well as Amazon and Flipkart, are showing lucrative discounts for customers to hold the iPhone of their favorite.

Croma’s Diwali Sale

Croma, one of the major retail chains, is making fun of its Diwali sale. We have good information for everyone who has been delaying owning an iPhone. According to the tease, the iPhone 13 priced at Rs 69,900 will start selling at his Rs 51,990. The forum offers him a discount of Rs 17,910 on the device.

Retail brands reported significant discounts on a wide range of smartphones and consumer technology devices. It’s also a great chance for everyone who didn’t get an iPhone 13 on Flipkart’s Big Billions Sale Day. This is a break for many who skipped the iPhone 13 on Flipkart or canceled orders through the platform.

Nevertheless, Chroma does not say how long the device will be functional at the mentioned discount. The platform’s sales page states that the iPhone 13 will be available at a discounted price starting September 26 at 4:45 pm. It was listed. We may also offer discounts based on prepaid orders, direct debits, and credit cards. Fixed-rate discounts are also available to consumers.

Croma, on the other hand, offers the Apple Watch SE at Rs 19,990 and the Samsung Galaxy FE 5G smartphone at Rs 26,999. The latest teaser also revealed that Croma is offering his HDFC Bank credit card up to 10% off on select products.

Prematurely this week, the iPhone 13 was tipped on Flipkart for Rs 58,990 with a 128GB storage option. The e-commerce giant is also offering a redemption discount of up to Rs. 16,900, with the price dropping.

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