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Cryptocurrency Mining Apps – 8 Apps were removed by Google



Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

Cryptocurrency Mining Apps – Google has removed eight more dangerous apps from its Play Store – the leading Android app repository. The files are not there from the handset, however. These malicious apps need to be out immediately if you have them installed.

We have detected more than 120 bogus cryptocurrency mining apps at Trend Micro.

Several cybersecurity companies have published reports warning about cryptocurrency cloud mining apps swindling victims into watching ads and paying for subscription services. Trend Micro published a report warning against such apps on Wednesday. In a letter, the firm stated:

In recent weeks, we discovered eight deceptive mobile apps masquerading as cryptocurrency cloud mining applications where people can earn cryptocurrency by investing money into cloud mining operations.

Bitfunds, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin Wallet – Pool Mining (BTC), Crypto Holic, Bitcoin Rewards, Bitcoin 2021, Minebit Pro, and Ethereum Wallet – Pool Mining (ETH) are the applications.

Trend Micro explained that such malicious applications “trick victims into watching ads, paying for subscription services costing an average of $15/month, and paying for increased mining capabilities without providing any benefit.”

Google Play removed the apps from the Play Store as soon as the company reported its findings.

What more issues were detected?

Yet, according to the cybersecurity firm, a Google Play search for the keyword “cloud mining” still results in “numerous concerning applications of the same type,” which are downloaded more than 100,000 times.

According to Trend Micro’s Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS), the company details:

It is still possible to download more than 120 fake cryptocurrency mining apps from the internet. From July 2020 to July 2021, these apps have affected more than 4,500 users globally, not crypto mining apps. They seduce users into watching in-app advertisements.

According to the report, some fake crypto mining applications require their users to click on advertising. Rather than persuade them to pay for increased computing power.

Some apps, such as Bitcoin 2021 and Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet. They infest with malware and have cluttered interfaces, the firm says.

 The app requires users to click on ads to prove. The firm says that some are not robots and informs them that they can start mining after viewing video ads. “An in-app video ad will increase mining speed,” they are also instructing.


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