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Nowadays every game includes ‘Cyber’ in the title. It is acting like a genre of its own, but as time passes away and the ongoing controversies for the source rush of, cyberpunk has calmed it all down. However, ‘digital’ and ‘punk’ are as yet cool when utilized well in a game, and Cyber Hook is a great title that is carrying frenzied activity to the Switch eShop soon; it shows up on 24th June valued at $14.99USD. Want to know about Cyber Hook Swings Onto Nintendo Switch? Keep on reading.

Note: check out more details on how to download Roblox on Nintendo Switch here

This title tracked down an enthusiastic crowd when it first showed up on PC last year. It is a fast-paced first-person runner, where you shoot and catch your way through some somewhat precarious stages. As you can find in the trailer over this is a game that will be quite difficult. Also, it incorporates overall leader boards to be competitive, needs to put efforts to master. Motion control is something that will be new for the Switch version 

Note: check out more details on how to download Roblox on Nintendo Switch here

Cyber Hook Swings Onto Nintendo Switch

  • Marathon Mode – In this mode, you need to run levels after levels in a row without having time to ever stop. Also, watch if you manage to be on the top of leaderboards. You can challenge yourself constantly in a full game Marathon with 70+ levels, Monthly Marathons, and Per World Marathons.
  • Intense Parkour Action   This is Fast-paced 3D parkour gameplay that takes you through intense challenges. These challenges let you prove your skills. You need to be careful at a time you jump or it can take you to your death.
  • Tools At Your Disposal Here you can utilize a catching hook to fly through levels by hooking yourself onto blocks while impacting enemies and squares with a laser finger weapon.
  • Alter The Game  You can manage time to save yourself from falling and find new development alternatives to make it past challenges. In Cyber Hook, you can produce your way by mishandling material physics and breaking the level plan.
  • Levels Galore  Here are 70+ levels at launch. The reason for this is to test your parkour skills. 
  • Worldwide Leaderboards You can compete with fellow players using the region or worldwide leaderboard. Not only this, others can play in-game to determine the best strategies to make it through levels.

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