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Discord is a messaging service that is intended for gamers. It has many features, including a game mode for if you’re live streaming so you don’t show private information, voice chat, emotes (if that’s your thing), and a lot of other features useful for gamers. Discord can be used as a regular messaging service as well though, even if you’re not a gamer. It is also very easy to set up your own server, and you can download the app or use it through your web browser. In this article you will learn to use Better Discord Themes. But, firstly here is the procedure to install Discord.

What is a better discord?

Better Discord is like an extension of discord that lets you add plugins, themes, and more. It’s a pretty useful extension. Moreover, one thing to keep in mind is that BetterDiscord is technically against Discord Terms of Service, as you aren’t allowed to edit the discord app in any way. As long as you don’t do anything stupid, and screw around with it, you should be safe.

To actually use BetterDiscord, you already need the app downloaded on your pc and then you will need to go to better discord . Additionally, they advertise it as an alternative to TeamSpeak and Skype. There are plenty of Quora Discord servers you may be interested in to talk to other Quorans, which are obviously not centered around gaming, if you are interested.

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How to Install Better Discord?

Before starting you should know how to install Better Discord on your device. If you will avoid this step you’ll not be able to get any of the available better discord themes/plugins.

Here are 5 steps that you need to follow for installing Better Discord on your device.

Step-1: Firstly, you need to visit BetterDiscord.net, the official website.

Steps-2: After that, for your device search for the latest version of the app.

Step-3: To get started with the downloading process Click on start.

Step-4: After running the setup file proceed with the installation process to install the application on your device.

Step-5: Restart the discord app & go to settings. In the bottom right corner, you’ll get a better discord theme.

How to Install Better Discord Themes?

Here comes the crucial step to install Better Discord Theme. Picking an appropriate theme from numerous options. Try not to think a lot as here we are for you to guide you throughout the process. You should simply follow these steps:

Step-1: You need to visit Better Discord Themes Library

Step-2: Now you need to choose a theme of your preference & select the download tab to start the process.

It’s a simple act. Right? Next is to introduce your chosen theme in Discord. Some steps you need to follow:

Step-1: Open the Better Discord app.

Step-2: Go to the User Settings.

Step-3: There you need to scroll down and under BANDAGED BD. You’ll get access to Themes with just one click.

Step-4: Now open the Theme Folder

Step-5: You need to Copy & paste the theme you already downloaded, into the theme folder & you’re good to go.

By Refreshing better discord, you can watch the theme appearing Better Discord.

Some better Discord themes

The Black Hole Theme

The appearance of the Black home theme is attractive. It gives you the experience that you are into space. Space look is something amazing about it. This feature makes this theme one of the highest-rated Discord themes.  Most important of all, this one also comes with an eye-pleasing dark black background for an individual who is a nyctophile. It offers downloads of 35,000 and counting.

The Basic Background Theme

Another popular theme in the Better Discord Library is the basic background theme. This theme is offered by DevilBro. This allows you to take your Discord client to a higher level. You can without many efforts can set any background to your Discord customer with this. You can even change the haziness of the theme and set a complementing tone. This makes it more appealing. With more than 78 thousand downloads, this theme is a great deal.

The Horizontal Server List Theme

This is a basic theme available. This Better Discord theme fetches the server list from the left of the screen and puts it at the top point of the screen. This is another theme given by Gibbs. The cool thing about this theme is that you can without much effort use it with different themes. 

For instance, the Horizontal Server List theme can be combined with the Frosted Glass theme. It has around 9000 downloads.

ClearVision Theme

This is another extremely cleaned Better Discord theme. The Clear Vision Theme looks astoundingly appealing, particularly with the blue accents. Even though its general look probably won’t be for everybody. It has some advanced vibe to it. This theme looks pleasant. Yet, this theme has a lot more to bring to the table. First of all, it’s inconceivably adaptable. You can change the color complements, background picture, obscure rate, text styles, and considerably more.

The Great Mountain Site Theme

The ‘Great Mountain Site Theme’ is one of the dazzling themes. As the name recommends, the theme highlights an extraordinary mountain site with a wonderful vision before it. From tones to object’s opaqueness, the colors article’s opaqueness, all that looks very clean 

Downloads – 15,000 and counting.

Dark Discord Theme

Dim Discord by zz Mario is next on the list. This theme doesn’t roll out any significant improvements in the presence of the discord application. Instead, it changes the discord app to look completely dark. Typically, most discord themes accompany a trace of light-dark tone. Consequently, make it significantly better than various others accessible on the web. 

Downloads: 35,000 and counting

The Reborn Theme

The reborn theme is another theme on the list. It is similar to the Clear Vision theme. Indeed, it ventures out in front of its partner, ClearVision. Further, you can evaluate all its customization to experience passionate feelings for this theme. 

Downloads: 24,000 and counting.

The Midnight Ui

The Midnight UI is another theme like the incredible mountain site theme. The amazing point about this subject is that it brings on a significantly diverse look when contrasted with the conventional Discord. 

Even though it’s an extraordinary theme, unfortunately, it’s not appropriate for everybody. Once you should give it a try before rejecting it immediately. This theme reminds me of a less complex subject that accompanies various highlights. 

Downloads: 20,000 and counting

The Elysia Theme

The Elysia theme is an RGB Better Discord Theme designed by the Purple Wizard. This theme is a complete package filled with numerous features. The Elysia theme has over 21 thousand downloads. This theme is one of the amazing themes due to its customizable features. Also, it’s very easy to access because of its flexibility. 

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Downloads: 11,000 and counting

The Sunset Theme

Another astonishing theme on the list is the sunset theme. The name of this theme completely justifies it. It includes wonderful and huge dusk as the background. Hence, Subsequently, giving the whole theme a pink highlight. Further, the sunset theme adds shadows to the theme to ensure the content is apparent behind the scenes. Downloads: 15,000 and counting

The Radialstatus Theme

The radialstatus theme created by Gibbs is a basic theme you can prefer. It doesn’t change the Discord customer. It only makes it so, the online status wraps around the profile, rather than being a depictor at the base right of a profile. This sort of theme might not be for everybody, except if it suits you. Numerous individuals appear to like this change. The Radial Status Theme has more than 20 thousand downloads. 

The Wonderful And Green Forest Theme

The brilliant and green forest theme shows greenery behind the scenes. No splendid shades or top-notch designs. All you see is the magnificence of nature all over. Consequently, making it a serious soothing theme for your sight.

Downloads: 7,000 and counting.

The Nocturnal Theme

Last but the least discord theme in this list is the nocturnal theme. The Nocturnal Theme is dark but it is still not similar to Dark Discord Theme. This is a theme that changes the tone to matte purple. That’s not enough about it. It is giving an extreme competition to the Dark Discord theme. The nocturnal theme offers an extra element that lets you resize a few things. Hence, modifying the overall looks of the discord app to a great extent.

Downloads: 5,000 and counting

How do I fix Discord?

I don’t know what you mean by “fixing Discord”. But, I’ve got a few generic things you could do if something isn’t working.

  • Try to see if there is a new update that your Discord needs. For that, just look in the top right-hand corner and see if there’s a green button there.
  • If it still isn’t fixed, then try to uninstall Discord then reinstall it. Log back in and hope your problems are solved.

How to Uninstall Better Discord?

Step-1 For uninstallation download the Better Discord installer again if you don’t already have it.

Step-2 Now you need to access the Better Discord setup file & to delete the application from your PC tap on Uninstall BandagedBD.

Step-3 Tap on Remove from Stable, after installing Better Discord on the stable version of Discord.

Step-4 At last you just need to make sure to Remove all BandagedBD data.

Step-5 Click on Uninstall to delete the Better Discord app from your PC.

Finally, Restart your PC to activate all the necessary changes.

Final Note

It would be awesome if this feature would be implemented. Here is, how I think it should work: -Whenever you enter a server you get a prompt to download and display the theme. -You can disable the prompt in settings -Admins can add the theme’s background (1920×1080) etc. in server settings . You can disable the theme anytime soon in settings. Try to implement that feature and let us know in the comment section below.

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