Distracted nurse gives woman 6 doses of COVID vaccine in a single shot

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You got 3 shots, oops you got 6 shots instead!! That’s what the nurse in Italy might have said to the person getting vaccine shots. An incident reported, In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic where half of the people are struggling to survive, and the rest of the people are trying not to end up in the same situation. A nurse gave 6 doses of COVID vaccine to a patient.

6 Doses of COVID Vaccine in one shot!

Italian nurse gave six doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine instead of 3 to Roma- a 23-year-old. This incident took place in Noa Hospital in Massa, in Tuscany on Sunday morning. The nurse fired from the hospital instantly. The hospital transferred Roma to the observatory room without any delay.

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The hospital kept Roma under strict observation for 24 hours confirmed by Dr. Antonella Vicenti, director of infectious diseases at Noa Hospital himself. She was given fluids, fever ad anti-inflammatory medications as preventive measures as reported by doctors.

Not Harmful – 6 doses of COVID Vaccine 

According to Pfizer studies, people who accidentally get 5 times the normal dosage does not suffer from any severe consequences or adverse effects. Based on this study only Dr. Antonella Vicenti gave a statement that “This person at this time will certainly not have side effects”.

When the patient was admitted to the hospital she does not have any fever or severe pain except for the pain in the inoculation site as reported by one of the doctors in the hospital. But they still kept her in the hospital in order to avoid any mishappening.

Worries regarding the long-term effects of 6 doses of COVID Vaccine 

Though the doctors have calm the situation, for now, they are still a little unsure about the long-term effects of the over-dosage and unforeseen reaction of Roma’s immune system to the dosage. Doctors said that they will monitor her immune system response regularly by taking her regular blood tests. Based on those reports only they will decide in how many weeks Roma will be able to take the second dose.

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