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Download Free Fire MAX Advance Server. The Free Fire community did not disappoint with the excitement surrounding the new update. Garena is just a few months away from updating his OB36, but expectations remain very high. Before each update release, the developer rolls out his Advance Server to get feedback before the actual release. However, only restricted users are allowed access. This is how he will succeed in his future registration on the OB36 Advance servers.

What you need to know about Free Fire MAX Advance servers

The ongoing OB35 update rolled out to the game almost two weeks ago. Free Fire introduces new updates every two months, giving all players access to exclusive rewards. Advance Server is usually delivered two weeks before the release of the actual update. As such, including the Advance server is of paramount importance for developers to get feedback. Meanwhile, his ongoing OB35 update included a (latest) collaboration with Justin Bieber, legendary bundles, emotes, 5th-anniversary celebrations, outfits, skins, and more.

Server  Download

The ongoing OB35 update started a month ago and players are already eyeing the OB36 Advance Server. Following the pattern of previous updates, the official release date for the OB36 update could be September 14, 2022. This data is measured in anticipation of the ongoing Clash Squad season ending on September 15th. So the developer could launch his Advance Server at the beginning of his September or at the end of August.

Garena Free Fire Advance – Server Registration

1. Launch the official website of Free Fire Advance Server.
2. Select one of the login methods (Facebook, VK, Google) to continue.
3. Complete the form and provide the required information, including email and phone number.
4. Finish the signup process and wait for a response from the developer.
Interested players can download the Advance Server apk from a number of resources (mostly available on up to down). However, restricted users can log in to the server only after the activation code is available. This is all about his OB36 Advance Server going forward.

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