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Tern which is a Taiwanese electric bike firm has unveiled an inexpensive alternative to the famous Electric Cargo Bike. The Tern Quick Haul is sleek and appealing as the firm’s other bikes, but somehow it comes at a lower price. Tern’s GSD and HSD models undoubtedly satisfy customers seeking strong, high-performance e-bikes. It features a lot of luggage rooms for years. Now, the firm is going to launch a somewhat shorter wheelbase for city dwellers. It is for the users who value space and storage as much as they are lugging toddlers or groceries.

Another reason that makes this bike the need of users is its pricing. Quick Haul offers 2 models. One is the D8, a Category 1 e-bike with a peak velocity of 20mph starting at $2,999. Another, the P9, a Category 3 bike with such a top speed of 28mph, begins at $3,999. The P5i, a third variant, will be initially available in Europe, with further areas to come.

That will always be too much for several buyers. But still, it offers savings over Tern’s existing models, such as the GSD ($5,499 for the single version, $6,299 dual config) & HSD (it costs $3,199).

In any case, when it concerns cargo bikes, one cannot compare them to non-electric bikes. Somewhat to the automobile it is attempting to replace. Using the same criterion, the e-bike is often the least expensive alternative.

Electric Cargo Bike Is An Inexpensive Option

Tern claims the price of Quick Haul to be suitable for prospective tax benefits if the US Congress passes the E-Bike Act. The act is part of President Joe Biden’s state welfare package, the Build Back Better. It is now stuck in Congress. Tern as well as other corporations are anticipating that the act may revive. Even if legislators manage to reach an agreement on Biden’s approach.

Tern’s e-bikes are too expensive as the firm uses the top subassemblies in the market. Including its Bosch Active Line Plus or Performing Line Sport motor and Shimano Nexus 5 hub, this Quick Haul is no exception. The P5i model will include a Gates carbon belt gear, which becomes quite popular among e-bike manufacturers. Since it is cleaner and easy to repair than conventional metal chain gearboxes.

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The versatility of the Tern Quick Haul is another aspect that sets it apart. With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 330 pounds (150kg), it provides a pleasant ride for a child or even a second adult. Persons with different heights can use this E-bike as the seat and stem are flexible to adjust.

The Quick Haul is smaller than Tern’s existing models, though with a low center of gravity. It ought to be simple to drive through urban roads or transportation hubs including subway or bus stations. The front rack serves as a platform for parking. This will result in a terrific space-saver for an individual who holds their bike in the residence. Although the handles do not fit comfortably, the Quick Haul is accessible with Tern’s extensive accessory lineup. It includes the Clubhouse, Storm Box, and Storm Shield.

Final Note

Surprisingly, Tern is also pitching the Quick Haul as an appropriate Electric Cargo Bike for shipping companies. The strong structure and loadings, the firm claim that this vehicle will be a “solid workhorse” for any firm wishing to expand its transportation choices. Additionally, being a customer-facing brand, the corporation has always positioned itself as a commercial unit.


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